Prepare Yourself For The Schedule, Smell Of Bonnaroo

shirtsaresooverratedbro.jpgI hope you weren’t planning on seeing both Alison Krauss and Death Cab For Cutie at Bonnaroo in two weeks, because the festival’s just-released schedule just won’t allow it. With the truly ridiculous number of acts spread over the fest’s four days and endless confusingly named stages, there were bound to be troubles, but couldn’t they let the movie about picking out mushrooms stand alone instead of making someone choose between it and Ladytron? That just seems wrong. [Bonnaroo]

  • NeverEnough

    Ladytron is playing??! Is there a break in the space/time continuum?

  • TheRunningboard7

    Willie Nelson > MIA. At least one choice is easy.

  • Chris N.

    You know what burns my ass? A flame about three feet high.

    But you know what else? Almost no artist who plays Bonnaroo will also play here in Nashville, because Manchester is relatively close. So if I want to see any of these bands this year I have to wade through all those damn dirty hippies.

  • Anonymous

    @Chris N.:

    Broken record here… I’m in Charlotte. You still fare better than I do.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Bonnaroo, especially since the line ups keep getting better and better. But literally, I don’t know how.

  • bnb614

    It’s not that they won’t play in Nashville, they probably can’t. Most festivals restrict bands from playing within so many miles of the festival for so many months before, and possibly after, the festival. Its to protect their investing so much money in the festival, which makes sense.

    It happens to me too with festivals near Dallas.

    I can only imagine how far it is between stages.

    Saturday night is the night to rage it.

    Raconteurs > MIA > Chris Rock?? > Metallica > My Morning Jacket

  • Reidicus

    Another reason why those bands may not be playing in Nashville anyway, Bonnaroo or no Bonnaroo:


  • Chris N.

    That too. It is really a tertiary market, plus we no longer have an amphitheater.

    Rather than bitching that no one visits, I really should delve more deeply into our very fine local scene.

  • Chris N.

    The world stops for Pearl Jam, which is as it should be.

  • tigerpop

    Damn. I was really gunning for a Kanye West walk-on during Jack Johnson’s set.

    On another note, I’m noticing a trend. Whenever Pearl Jam does one of these big stinky-hippy fests, the other stages are dark during their set. Metallica can’t even make that happen . . . but somehow Widespread Panic can?