May 30th, 2008 // 3 Comments

The director of Weezer’s “remember that thing on YouTube? wasn’t that funny?” video for “Pork & Beans” speaks about his, ahem, “inspiration” for the clip: “When I heard ‘Pork and Beans,’ I loved its non-conformist message and felt like it was a natural anthem for the self-expression that’s been taking shape on YouTube and the Internet. At that point, I connected the dots and wanted to create Weezer’s mash-up of their favorite popular culture of the Internet–a viral music video made of virals, rather than just a traditional music video.” Seriously, dude? I thought that your concept was more along the lines of “hey, we can probably get some easy Internet buzz by reminding all those kids of things they laughed at six or eight months ago, and the ‘talent’ will cost a lot less than Playboy bunnies.” Shows you what I know. [Buzzworthy]


  1. RaptorAvatar

    I thought it was an opportunity for Weezer to commisserate with other things that were once relevant but that are now sucky tchotchkes for mainstream geek chic.

  2. Richaod

    Would’ve been nice to have Rick Astley in it.

    Either way, it’s a hell of a lot better than Beverly Hills.

  3. Anonymous

    jeepies christ, it’s just a lighthearted little video, if not quite original. what’s with the copious cynicism?

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