Helping Pete Wentz, Part Two

May 30th, 2008 // 19 Comments

mtv.gifWell, the polls have closed, and we have our nominees for Idolator’s suggested “vintage video” for airing on F’NMTV, Pete Wentz’s attempt to bring music videos back to MTV’s prime-time programming hours. We did get a few suggestions, some of which could have been, well, a little better. (No offense intended to the suggestee, but really, “Cantaloop”?)

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Think about it this weekend. Vote with your hearts, people.

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  1. MayhemintheHood

    I voted for Bastards of Young. Great song/video, but i’m sure MTV would rather play every other video listed EXCEPT this one. It would certainly test the attention span of everyone in their demographic.

  2. HUGE_Hefner

    Well, “Sugar Water” is probably my favourite video of all time but I still went “Bastards of young”.

  3. Empire

    While I was not the suggestor of “Cantaloop,” I am sympathetic to his or her nostalgia for its smooveness.

  4. MayhemintheHood

    @Empire: I agree. I was about 13 when that song came out, and I remember hearing that song so much that summer that I eventually just said “Ok. I’ll like this.”

  5. Halfwit

    I watched “Pop Song 89″. Then I watched “Sugar Water”. Then I watched “Ana Ng”.

    Then I spent half an hour searching YouTube for more TMBG videos.

    That’s good enough for my vote.

  6. Chris Molanphy

    It’s gotta be Barnes & Barnes, because then Wentz’s show will fulfill its destiny as the reincarnation of AL-TV.

  7. thearcanemodel

    that is not the version of “step on” i remember watching after school! what happened to the crazy pop-art one with the japanese couple?

    yeah, i voted for “bastards of young” too…though i was strongly considering “ana ng.”

  8. Captain Wrong

    I’m still voting Fish Head. That shit slayed me when I was 8.

  9. Captain Wrong

    Fish Heads even. Fish Head was a high school principal’s nick name. Wouldn’t vote for her.

  10. Christopher R. Weingarten

    It’s hard not to vote for Bastards Of Young. But if you haven’t actually seen the Hugh Cornwell video–DONT SLEEP ON IT.

  11. Poubelle

    Fish Heads really needs to be way higher.

  12. Dan Gibson

    @Poubelle: Feel free to call your friends and engage in ballot box stuffing.

  13. MTS

    I went for the ‘Mats as well. It’s ironic that the most iconic video of the bunch here is the one comprised of a lone static shot. While the kids might squirm from the visual (or lack thereof), the absolutely KILLER tune will keep ‘em reeled in.

  14. Eugene Langley

    I may have suggested Meatloaf, but in a world where Nader will always be the guy who made Gore lose, I’ll get on the “Bastards of Young” bandwagon.

  15. NeverEnough

    No “Girls on Film”?!

  16. RaptorAvatar

    Replacements all the way. If Wentz wants punk rock, it doesn’t get much more punk than mocking the audience for even watching and then having the guy kick apart the speaker at the end.

  17. walkmasterflex

    though i suggested ana ng and voted for it as well, i wouldn’t be mad at bastards of young either. really a great song and video

  18. Anonymous

    It still should’ve been “Humpin Around”

  19. ARP

    But what about Fez from Happy M’s? I remember seriously debating dropping out of college and moving to Manchester so I could get a job just dancing on the stage like he did. Hell, I still do!

    But in the end, I went with the Replacements. They created such solid songs. Unsatisfied, etc.

    BTW- anyone who voted for TMBG’s gets a finger from me (guess which?). I lost most of my senior year in HS to a buddy who would not stop playing them. I still get all PTSD when someone plays Istabul, Not Constantinople (sp).

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