Cof Cof Liven Up Your Summer Playlist


Your overall opinion on Spanish duo Cof Cof will depend entirely on your tolerance for blippy, tongue-in-cheek dance music. They hover in that often unbearable, sometimes incredibly endearing laptop pop universe, oscillating somewhere between the cleverness and originality of The Blow, the nasty, hedonistic riot that is Gravy Train!!!!, and the sweet charm of Houston’s The Mathletes. And their song “Caribbean Boy” is so fun, so downright pleasant, it practically dares you to dislike it.

Actually, “Caribbean Boy” is more like a sonic manifestation of light-hearted fun than an actual song: It has adorable lyrics (“I think I fell in love with someone next to you, and no one in this party can stop me! I think I’ve drunk too much, but this thing must be love. I’ll have another shot. You’ve done it!”), choppy guitar, and electronic hand claps, and before you know it life is looking up, like one long backyard party with an unlimited supply of cold fruity drinks. Or a shot-for-shot tequila contest.

Side note: How could you not love a band that lists “BEER BEFORE MAKING MUSIC” under “Influences” on their MySpace?

Cof Cof [MySpace]