Lenny Kravitz, Spiritualized Unite For European Gigs

spiritualenny.jpgOne guy makes bombastic songs out of ’60s catchphrases, the other makes bombastic songs out of ’60s catchphrases. So it makes perfect sense that Lenny Kravitz would have Jason Pierce’s Spiritualized open some gigs for him in Helsinki (June 7 & 8) and Estonia (June 10). Sadly, there’s no reason to believe that this coming together will occur again in England or America, where some fans of Spiritualized might find the headliner less than respectable. But would you snootypantses recognize a Spiritualized track over one of Lenny’s based on title alone? Here’s your chance to prove you can!

Can you guess which of these tracks are Spiritualized songs and which are by Lenny Kravitz?

1. Sittin’ On Top Of The World
2. Sitting On Fire
3. Freedom Train
4. All Of My Thoughts
5. Blues For Sister Someone
6. Good Times
7. The Difference Is Why
8. Shine A Light
9. Flowers For Zoe
10. Broken Heart
11. When The Morning Turns To Night
12. I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
13. What The Fuck Are We Saying?
14. Spread Your Wings
15. Come On And Love Me
16. Lord Can You Hear Me
17. Is There Any Love In Your Heart?
18. Step Into The Breeze
19. Eleutheria
20. Lay It Down Slow
21. Beyond The 7th Sky
22. Lay Back Into The Sun
23. God Is Love
24. Do It All Over Again
25. In My Life Today
26. Why Don’t You Smile Now?
27. Supersoulfighter
28. Medication
29. You’re My Flavor
30. The Twelve Steps
31. Battlefield Of Love
32. Cool Waves
33. God Save Us All
34. The Waves Crash In
35. You Were In My Heart
36. Yeah Yeah
37. Let’s Get High
38. Oh Baby
39. I Don’t Want To Be A Star
40. Goodnight Goodnight
41. Calling All Angels
42. The Power And The Glory
43. Love Revolution
44. Lord Let It Rain On Me
45. I Love The Rain
46. Angel Sigh

Here’s one guy in sunglasses talking about the hurricane inside his veins in “Soul On Fire.”

Here’s the other guy in sunglasses talking about he don’t need no fortune teller in “Love Love Love.”

Lenny Kravitz – Love Love Love [YouTube]
Spiritualized – Soul On Fire [YouTube]