Journey Welcomes Back Record Buyers With Open Arms


From time to time, we like to round up the all-important, all-summarizing last sentences of the biggest new-music reviews. Under consideration in this installment is Journey’s new full-length and first album featuring Arnel Pineda, Revelation, which hits Wal-Marts across the country today. Unfortunately, critical appraisals of the album are somewhat sparse, so we’re featuring comments from various posters on the Journey forum:

• “I think Journey has hit this one a mile. The music and vocals are spot on. The sound is like a 30 plus year band should sound like, and you can tell Neal being sober has only made him better. There is a difference I cannot explain in his guitar playing, especially some of the solos. Very smooth guitars throughout. Awesome job by all band members. They should be proud today.” [jrnysc]

• “My only complaint is FITH. Why on God’s green earth would you put a shitty song on two albums? Confused Other than that I think I like every song on the album…with WDILYL, NWA, WIN, WITTW, WD and CFTB, really standing out. The 2 ballads…AATY and TDTWT are really, really good. This album is superb. Great packaging, a cool DVD and lyrics as well.” [Saint John]

• “Wow. Holy crap. This is the best Journey record since Frontiers.” [7 Wishes]

• “Completely blown away! I said I’d hold my opinions on Arnel close until I heard the new material and heard him Live 2-3 weeks into the tour but… Journey has hit a complete Home-Run with this guy! This album is packed with some of the best music Schon/Cain have written since the Escape/Frontiers era. EVERYONE sounds amazing (Thanks Caveman!), there is a distinct 80’s vibe running throughout (mostly Cain’s synths) and some of the emotion Arnel and these songs throw at you literally had me teary eyed at times! I know that sounds pretty gay but it happened!” [Carlitto H@kk]

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