t.A.T.u. Plays It Straight

Jun 6th, 2008 // 8 Comments

The video for t.A.T.u.’s new Russian single “220″ features no heroic lesbianism, no tabloidy murders, and no firing squads–instead, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova get their burlesque outfits out and, uh, just sort of dance for the camera. I realize it’s hard to pull off Dancing With The Stars-worthy flips, and I’m sure the listless dance moves and bored affect Lena and Yulia have during the clip is some sort of metacommentary on sexuality and “hotness” in 2008, but this clip is making me long for their more outré days, particularly since the song is quite delectable. [YouTube]


  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    You don’t get it, Maura! They’re nih-

    Eh, you know the rest.

  2. MTS

    I just realized the one with black hair looks like Kristen Bell.

  3. Anonymous

    Seriously, girls, no one cares anymore.

  4. Anonymous

    And couldn’t they at least try to take dancing lessons before doing a video like this?

  5. Tenno

    @Superawesomerad: You know, they come from a country that just had a fricking DONGCOPTER buzz the politicians.

    Seriously, after that, no one wants to try anything anymore. It killed their spirit.

  6. cassidy2099

    That beat is straight fire but the vocals are so blah it hurts. Maybe a better singer will take it and “make it their own”!

  7. Nunya B

    I liked the one where the one playing a hooker killed the pregnant one by firing squad. Maybe they only have so much “OH CONTROVERSY” in them at any given time and are letting themselves recharge?

  8. mexiback

    My favorite will always be the one where the brunette finds out that the redhead is fucking with this guy behind her back, so naturally, she blows up them up while they’re in a carnival ride. Cuteness!

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