Idolator’s Summer Jam Tournament Begs You For Mercy, Robots

duffyvslloyd.jpgThe first round of our quest to find the quintessential summer jam wraps up today, with the final two bouts going live. (Voting will end Sunday night, so be sure to cast your ballots soon.) After the jump, the new Lulu takes on a pair who have made summertime magic before, only this time they’re aided by cyborgs.

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  • walkmasterflex

    lloyd and lil wayne hands down, in spite of the total creepiness of that video

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, my voted tied it. Dun dun dun…

    Anyway, nothing says ‘summer’ like the ‘Eric B for President’ beat. But yeah, that video….

  • Poubelle

    “Mercy” was totally a late-spring jam, anyway.

  • bcapirigi

    mercy just went top 40. which means duffy’s the first welsh person with an american pop hit since, um, cleopatra? donna lewis? i think she might be the first one of this millennium.

  • thearcanemodel

    @bcapirigi: don’t forget about tom jones, man!!

  • Michaelangelo Matos

    Lloyd is my favorite single of the year so far, no contest.

  • el smrtmnky

    @bcapirigi: @thearcanemodel: Or Shirley Bassey.

  • Anonymous

    good god, what’s wrong with you people? that lloyd track is no “planet rock” but it’s sweet – and the duffy track is l-a-m-e.

  • Anonymous

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah” is the new “no, no, no”?