Metallica Wants Bloggers To Hear, Not Blog, New Album

liveearthohthememories.jpgSomehow, our invitation to the Metallica listening party got lost in the mail, but Brit bloggers The Quietus had the opportunity to listen to most of the album, then proceeded (as bloggers are likely to do) to write about it. What happened next was a little strange.

The not entirely negative coverage of the album exists only in the Google archive, because Metallica, through a third party (possibly our buddy, the Web Sheriff?) asked for the post to be removed.

The story behind the removal of the article runs as follows: Metallica held an album listening party for selected music journalists in London this Wednesday past. One of the writers was kind enough to write a piece about the album which, if you were lucky enough to read it before it was taken down, was full of praise about a return to form. At no point was the writer ask[ed] to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The Quietus and other websites ran pieces on the album, but were quickly contacted by Metallica’s management via a third party and told to remove the articles. The Quietus kept our article up the longest and, as no non-disclosure agreement had been signed, [was] not prepared to remove it merely due to the demands of Metallica’s management. We only eventually removed the article earlier today to protect the professional interests of the writer concerned (the piece was written anonymously). Seems Metallica’s fear of the internet shows no sign of abating.

Understandably, the Quietus made an effort not to have their writer blackballed in the future, but if you’re planning on inviting bloggers to anything, it seems reasonable to expect some immediate coverage. Sure, Metallica are making an effort to suppress anything but full and total adulation for their new material, but after St. Anger, is that a reasonable expectation? And to repeat, they invited a blogger to a listening party, without having the sense to have that blogger sign a non-disclosure agreement. What was the expected result?

Metallica Album Preview Cover-up? [Blinded By The Hype]

  • Jasonbob7

    Rejected headlines:
    “For Whom The Blog Tolls”
    “Don’t Blog On Me”
    “I (wrote an article about Metallica’s new album only to see it) Disappear”

  • Chris N.

    “Seek & Destroy Blog Posts”

  • loudersoft

    Since I have nothing witty or clever to say, I’ll get right to the point: I wish Metallica would suck up and burst.

    “…and Justice for One.”

  • noamjamski

    Fight Bloggers With Fire

  • lucasg

    you know who is heavy as fuck, been around forever, and has a new record coming out soon? the melvins.

    you know who has never made an accidentally shitty record? the melvins. any shitty record buzz osborne and dale crover have made has been completely on purpose.

    and yet the melvins are barely scraping by- while these assholes rake it in, alienate their fans, turn out garbage for like 15 years and everyone waits with fingers crossed hoping that the new album won’t be fucking terrible.

    if you are older than 14, ALL of the metallica albums are terrible. people and their nostalgia, i swear to god. bob rock? a therapist in a cosby sweater? please.

  • Ned Raggett

    Agreed on all the Melvins stuff. Interviewed ‘em a month back, they’re as hilarious as ever.

  • revmatty

    Melvins > Metallica even before Metallica went downhill

  • lucasg

    ooh! where is this interview, ned? i would like to read it!

  • loudersoft

    I’m from that school of worry that if they were rich & famous like Metallica, The Melvins might turn into the same gigantic worthless dickheads that Metallica have always been.

    Then I remember all those $5 dollar shows that The Melvins have done to make sure nobody got left out & my fears instantly vaporize. Such great guys, such fucking awesome musicians.

  • bnb614

    I’ll still buy multiple copies of the new CD. Metallica does it for me. You can have the Melvins.

  • Tenno

    @bnb614: Why would buy multiple copies of the new Metallica?

    Deride the Lightning!

  • Tenno

    Oh never mind, I just realized you were the uber ‘tallica fan.

  • tigerpop

    The Unforgivable.

  • Lax Danja House

    I just realised how great this title is.

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyone else who sucks anywhere near as much as Metallica… Prince – maybe??? Let’s hope Bonnaroo goes down hard for support of these losers!

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why a band would ask a blog post to be taken down, but as a fan of both bands since the late ’80s: Melvins and Metallica? The comparison is what?

    The Melvins are slow, leaden, and funny. Metallica is fast, hard, and not funny. I’ll even accept an argument for “intentionally funny” versus “unintentially funny,” but nothing irks me more than people who obviously listen to little visceral metal/rock music and make comparisons like that. I don’t need everyone to be insanely granular about genres and bands, but let’s at least try and slice the pie a little.

    Next up, I’ll be commenting that Slick Rick is totally like Snoop Dogg because they both have smooth voices.

  • lucasg

    botchick, an assumption that i ‘obviously listen to little visceral rock’ could not be more wrong. granted you and i have never met- but if we had, you would realize that that was a really dumb thing to say about me.

    the comparison came about because of this: why waste time talking about a shitty band that became even shitter as they got older and more popular? there are good bands (i.e., the melvins) that have always been good. metallica has a new album coming out that everyone knows is going to be a turd. the melvins have a new album coming out that very few people know about that is going to be awesome. both bands are known as ‘heavy.’ if i can derail a metallica thread by talking about the melvins, awesome. i would guess that most folks here would rather listen to and talk about the melvins anyway. who wouldn’t?

  • revmatty

    @Tenno: Because Lars doesn’t have enough gold plated Ferrari’s.

    @lucasg: ++

  • Elvia Papandrea

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  • gfdhgtrh

    Metallica sucks.
    Listen to some real good metal like Testament, Death and Blind Guardian.