Usher Blames Lesbianism On Lack Of Good Men, Hopes To Rectify Situation By Example

AP080514055013.jpgAs his recent TRL appearance would imply, Usher’s had it up to here with people questioning his marriage. He told Vibe that we should be commending him for providing such a sterling example of heterosexual fidelity. “Am I so much of a bad guy because I decided to get married? Am I so much of a bad guy [because once I got in the situation], I decided to stand for something, build a foundation, and think about my future? As a man, you would respect me for not turning my back on it. … It can never be bad to have a foundation as a man — a black man — in a time when women are dying for men. Women have started to become lovers of each other as a result of not having enough men. Are you not studying the stories? Wake up! Black love is a good thing.”

Usher isn’t just looking out for all those women forced into sapphic unions for the want of a man like Usher. (Are you not studying the stories? Wake up!) Despite rumors that he fired his mom after she spoke ill of his wife-to-be, he says he released her of her managerial obligations so she could be a “full-time grandmother” and knit booties and shit.

“I love my mother — she’s the only one I have,” he said, pausing for a moment before continuing. “I decided to not fire, not get rid of, but to give [my mother] the ultimate compliment — to retire her to be a full-time grandmother. My mother and I decided to change her situation, together. There was a conversation. I didn’t write her a letter or pink-slip her.”

Not that she’s actually been parked on a rocking chair, telling Tameka Foster what a colicky baby Usher was.

For her part, Patton noted in the article that she’s still a very active executive. “I’m managing Natasha, an artist on Jive Records, a guy group called Kwiet Storm, and a solo artist, Dante,” she said. “I started my own record label — JPat Records. I also manage [my younger son], producer JLack — he’s signed to Usher’s production company.”

If only every woman could have an Usher in her life.

Usher Sounds Off About Marriage, His Mom And The Challenge Of Being A Superstar Dad [MTV]

  • Chris Molanphy

    Dante is a SCRUB.

  • Chris N.

    A super scrub!

  • bcapirigi

    a super scrub that i’ve never heard of with an unfortunate name that’s basically ungoogle-able.

  • Tauwan

    My God. Usher, I don’t know how to say this, but you need to shut the f**k up. Seriously. Soon it’ll get to the point where I won’t be able to tolerate listening to you speak and/or comment on anything, and just wait for you to start singing and dancing. Sort of like how I am now with your “arch-nemesis” Justin Timberlake. [Real talk, I tried to watch his interview on Leno last week and turned away from it in less than two minutes. Just couldn't do it. And was he high?] And I’m not even gonna touch the issue of fidelity and relationship dynamics between men and women, men and men, and women and women in Black communities, or the whole grandma thing you touched on. And trust me brotha it is hard keeping mum, seeing as how I am a Black male who minored in sociology in college. Bite the tongue Tauwan. Bite the tongue…

  • Anonymous

    Usher heeds some black love in his MOUF.

  • Silverfuture

    Leave Usher alone when he’s watching his stories!

  • baconfat

    Doesn’t anyone else find the name “Kwiet Storm” utterly hilarious?

  • Anonymous

    Heterosexual fidelity? This sounds a bit too much like hetero propaganda to me…being espoused by a guy who is trying to overcompensate for his air of gayness. I have close friends in Atlanta who have told me its no secret that Usher and other handsome boys “became lovers of each other” if you will.

  • alec_baldwin

    Dear Usher,

    This is my confession: everything you’ve been doing has been all bad. I just wanna confess…