Idolator’s Summer Jam Tournament Gets All Boy-Crazy Again

Jun 13th, 2008 // 16 Comments

chewinggummmmm.jpgRound two of our quest for 2008′s official song of the coming summer concludes with what may be our toughest face-off yet, a battle between a Prince homage via Norway and an ode to the men residing across the pond. Vote after the jump, and don’t forget to cast your ballots in other second-round matchups!

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  1. brasstax

    No, y’all! I CAN’T CHOOSE!

  2. tankboy

    Man up dude, you know Annie’s is the stronger track. “American Boy” played itself out before the first rays of summer sun hit your convertible.

  3. brasstax

    But Kanye’s part is so good!

  4. DavidWatts

    @brasstax: But it’s Annie!!

  5. brasstax

    @DavidWatts: I know, I know! That’s why it’s tough.

  6. DavidWatts

    @brasstax: I know, I actually voted for Esetlle after that. Annie is great and all, but that other track is kind of the shit.

  7. Kate Richardson

    So very close, but in the end I went with Estelle because that song sounds more summery to me.

  8. silkyjumbo

    estelle for me. i think i will hear that song at picnics and family gatherings for the next 3 months and i’m ok with that.

    i’m not sure i get the annie love. i guess i’m more of a robyn chick.

  9. musicquizking

    I vote for Alphabeat again.

  10. tankboy

    @musicquizking: Good thinking!

  11. dyfl

    Why must we choose? Can’t we have both? The gods of summer (and Idolator) are cruel.

  12. Nunya B

    It’s like Sophie’s Choice but I’m going with Annie because the ring-a-ding-ding part is my ringtone and no part of Estelle’s amazing track is ringtone-worthy.

  13. Anonymous

    The Annie track is good. Very good. But c’mon, “American Boy” is MONSTROUS. It towers over other summer jams. Regardless of how this vote goes, Estelle *actually* has a shot at owning summer. Sorry Annie…your video is very good though!

  14. Anonymous

    That Annie character is played by Amy Poehler, right?

  15. bcapirigi

    estelle’s really pretty. i hadn’t actually noticed before.

    still, i prefer the annie song because of a) the ring-a-ding-ding part and b) the lack of assy kanye west.

  16. the rich girls are weeping

    “American Boy” is REALLY growing on me. No competition here with Annie, who I’m officially freakin’ sick of for reals, now. Blah blah blah. *yawn*

    I even like Kanye’s bit and his Mockney flow. Ha!

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