“Heaven’s Metal” Magazine Gets Slightly Less Heavenly

Jun 13th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Things have apparently changed a bit around what used to be Heaven’s Metal magazine, which used to extensively cover religious acts such as Guardian, Bride and Whiteheart (in other words, all the Christian rock I was a little too New Order-obsessed to be into in junior high). Somewhere in the 90′s, they dropped the Heaven and went to just being HM, the Hard Music magazine, but you could count on the mag for a fair amount of preachiness behind the curtain. Now, they’re using GWAR to pitch the magazine. Did I miss something? Compare and contrast, the work of GWAR and a few Christian metal acts, below the cut.

GWAR, “Womb With A View”:

White Heart, “Even The Hardest Heart”:

Admittedly, it’s not exactly fair to pair up a GWAR standard with White Heart’s Mr. Big imitation, so here’s a selection of newer Christian metal to even the score a bit.

Demon Hunter, “Fading Away”:

Still, GWAR advertising a Christian magazine? I’m going to start preparing for the rapture now. It’s going to be just like those Left Behind books, I hear.

HM Magazine GWAR spot [YouTube]

  1. brasstax

    How could you forget BC, Dan?!

  2. Dan Gibson

    @brasstax: How about some Guardian?

  3. Anonymous

    It is odd, considering how far the religious right was up Oderus Urungus’ butt in the 90′s. When I saw GWAR
    they killed the pope on stage. I think this is hilarious, and good for the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu as well.

  4. westartedthis

    @roeblingx: a finer point of christianity you certainly can’t be blamed for not knowing: killing the pope is probably A-OK with the texas fundies who started Heaven’s Metal.

  5. TheRunningboard7

    “your womb is a sewer :: your womb is manure”
    I think that may be my favorite line on the entirety of War Party

  6. Anonymous

    @westartedthis: that is indeed a good point. I still say awesome, such a great irony within the GWAR universe. I’d say Sleazy P put him up to it.

  7. KurticusMaximus

    GWAR should do more commercials.

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