Phoenix Show Promoter Offering Last-Minute Ticket Discounts

idolatortick.jpgIn “Maybe The Concert Industry Is Just As Screwed As The Recorded-Music Biz” news, the promoter of next week’s Phoenix shows by Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab For Cutie is offering last-minute discounts on tickets, despite both acts selling out the same venues on their last tour stops here. Whether said soft sales are the result of sky-high ticket prices and surcharges or ever-increasing prices for everyday goods (especially gas), one might think that it’s going to be vastly more difficult to fill mid-sized venues over the coming months. [Stateside Presents]

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Eat World not selling in Phoenix?! That’s like Vampire Weekend not selling in Brooklyn – gotta rep for your hometown heroes, kids!

  • MrStarhead

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time JEW played Phoenix, it was immediately after their album came out, and they had a hit on the radio. Now I think they’re working their third single, which hasn’t done anything on modern rock stations. Can’t explain the lack of love for Death Cab, though.

  • AquaLung

    Eh, if you’re talking about Death Cab being $29 instead of $32, they’re going to have to do a hell of a better than that.

  • NoNewYork

    Jimmy Eat World not selling tickets is indeed like Vampire Weekend not selling tickets; that is to say, justice.

  • ARP

    @AquaLung: I assume that’s before the $12 convenience fee, $3 processing fee, and the $7 shipping fee, which would double the price of the ticket. I hate T-M.

  • Anonymous

    How big is the Dodge Theater in Phoenix? As much as I love Jimmy Eat World, probably no way they can fill it up (considering Stone Temple Pilots are playing the same venue and also can’t fill it up).

    Artists need to stop listening to all the yes-men around them. There are so many shows I’ve been to that are WAY undersold. Or, so many shows I don’t go to because the ticket price is just too high. I’d love to know which genius thought it was a good idea to have Marilyn Manson play TWO nights at Hammerstein Ballroom (5000 capacity) here in NYC and then charge $64 (+convenience fee+building facility+printing fee+complimentary kick in the balls).

    NOTE TO ANY BANDS WHO MAY READ THIS SITE (and be so bored you scroll down to comments section): Don’t book two nights right away. Book one, if it sells out fast, book another, if it sells out but just barely, keep it that. Not worth the dough to play two half-sold nights.