• Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    There’s something oddly admirable about someone being that much of an unapologetic asshole.

  • TheRunningboard7

    I was just discussing with my friends that I’m discouraged from going to festivals because I’ll have to make a tough choice on who to see at some point. Was he playing against someone else beforehand?

    I do know that overblown sets are generally making up for something, and to be honest, most rappers come across week live anyway… … sans J-5. (i’m sure there are others)

  • BawstonSean

    You’re only pissed cause you actually waited for him for two hours -you should have been back at the free booze tent getting hammered with us. Not even the biggest ego can put a damper on a good vodka-red-bull buzz.

  • TheRunningboard7

    read: weak (thank you English BA… for nothing)

  • Captain Wrong

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: …if someone has the goods to back it up. Mr. West has always been an overrated popularizer of other’s ideas.

  • loudersoft

    list of artists i personally missed in order to get a chance to watch kanyeezy:

    – Talib Kweli
    – Lupe Fiasco
    – Ghostland Observatory
    – Last half of Sigur Ros

    Those who saw Ghostland Observatory were simultaneously “blown away” and “floored”. That made the whole thing much worse.

  • loudersoft

    Oh and Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk with a special appearance from Money Mark Ramos-Nishita.

    I forgot to mention: a few people swear that Kanye did make one comment to the audience under his breath at the beginning, though I didn’t hear him myself. Something like “I hate whiny people” or “fucking whiners”, a response to the fact that the crowd was booing him repeatedly for the delays.

  • loudersoft

    @BawstonSean: the scene of the crime was in the press tent at 9 am the morning after. seeing you like that is the reason point and shoot cameras were invented.

  • Maura Johnston

    i wouldn’t shed any tears over missing ghostland observatory, unless you want to get upset about watching new levels of suck be reached.

  • Trystero

    @loudersoft: I didn’t hear anything like that. Oh, and Lupe was awesome as well. Sorry.

    I was getting kinda uncomfortable standing in the crowd. The frustration was palpable. An angry chant of “What the Fuck” broke out, though it died out quickly. Still, that coupled with people’s comments to the effect that they were about to riot like Woodstock ’99 (whose ghost was mentioned — obliquely — by Pearl Jam) made me worried. I don’t know how close that was to really happening as Bonnaroo folks tend to be pretty mellow, but a friend relayed to me that the security guys were getting pretty anxious.

  • loudersoft

    @Maura Johnston: I guess people liked G.O.’s light show (couple with the fact that getting a ticket to their Austin shows is pretty much impossible). However, I’m willing to bet that Kanye’s was far better.

    @Trystero: I hid in the bleachers as much as I could, where the chant “When I say ‘Kanye’, say ‘Fuck You’ — ‘Kan-ye’ (fuck you) ‘Kan-ye’ (fuck you)” broke out. And with each delay, people kept leaving while others got more and more pissed off. By the time I realized I could’ve gotten up and left, it was too late to catch anything else I wanted to see.

    Look, I’m a die-hard Kanye fan and I’m not afraid to admit it. I stayed because I really, really wanted to see the show and I was scared I wouldn’t be able to get back and sit down — which, by 4:30 am, was all I wanted to do anyways besides sleep.

  • ObtuseIntolerant

    Kanye is formidable, even if it is in some part for “popularizing other’s ideas”. I like him, and I like that he brooks no shit, even from his audience. When people act in an ignorant manner (ie. chanting fuck you instead of just leaving…) I mean, wasn’t it a technical issue he couldn’t have personally remedied? In some sense wouldn’t it be fair to say he wanted to get it right rather than come to the stage on time with a half-assed set. I am sort of being a devil’s advocate here, but I tend to think people are too hard on him.

  • BawstonSean

    @loudersoft: Oh shit, there’s evidence?!?! Was I passed out or was I still hanging out with that old hippie dude, “The General”?

  • loudersoft

    @BawstonSean: You’re lucky I like you or a picture of you half naked unaware you were making out with the sofa would already be on the internet

  • Artie Fufkin

    I was there, left after an hour of waiting. I think a lot of tension could have been alleviated if Kayne just came out and explained what was going on beforehand. Or anyone from Bonnaroo management.
    It was bullshit. Caught the end of Ghostland, it was cool, wish I had caught more.
    F Kayne.

  • BawstonSean

    @loudersoft: At least I wasn’t all the way naked. That would have been really embarassing. This is just run of the mill embarassing…

  • Anonymous

    “No “Hello, Bonnaroo,” no “I’m sorry for the delay,”

    Obviously, it was supposed to be “Hello, Kanye,” and “I’m sorry you had to delay us!” I love Kanye’s music, but when he came to Gainesville, FL during Late Registration, we went to the show, got to the door, found out Common wasn’t there because he was filming a movie, promptly scalped our tickets.