Do Not Fuck With Josh Homme

Jun 16th, 2008 // 38 Comments

While Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme probably didn’t enjoy having a bottle thrown at him during his band’s performance at the Norwegian Wood festival in Oslo, I’m not sure it warrants throwing shit back and yelling “little chickenshit faggot! Lift him up so I can kick him in the fucking face!” while the offending teen is held by security. “I may have a fucking 102 degree temperature, been puking for three days, but I will still buttfuck you in front of all your friends.” Hot blooded!

Another video lets us watch the hissy fit in context. At 1:30 into “3s & 7s,” a bottle flies over Josh Homme’s head. But two minutes late, the song comes to a stop. This clip also allows us to see at 4:30 that, yes, the kid is making devil’s horns and grinning like a jackass as he’s taken away. Wisely, Homme immediately follows his rage with some “I came here for the rest of you, not that asshole” stage love and a well-received performance of “No One Knows.”

Josh Homme Recorded Yelling At Crowd Member For “Throwing Shit” At Him [Metal News]
Norwegian Wood 08, QOTSA – 3′s and 7′s + talk [YouTube]

  1. Anonymous

    Since when has Albert Hammond been playing rhythm guitar with the Queens?

    I sympathize heavily with artists getting random objects hurled at them while playing, and it is senseless. However, am i alone in thinking that almost every artist in said situation, from Axl to Josh to H.R. to Sebastian Bach to whomever, looks like a total douchebag when they curse out/attach the fan? Is there an elegant way to address the situation (besides throwing a tampon, which i do find classy in its own brilliant way)?

  2. Ned Raggett

    I will still buttfuck you in front of all your friends

    Surely that was the whole idea.

  3. OliverTwist

    I’m sure if each istance of “faggot” were replaced with “nigger,” this would be being taken every bit as lightly.

    Also, according to the NME, he threw a bottle at the kid while security held him. As disgusting as anything I’ve ever heard of a musician doing. Very proud to have disliked his ZZ Top-for-hipsters from the first note I ever heard. Hope the kid sues him for millions.

  4. KikoJones

    What’s with the threat of buggery?

    “ZZ Top-for-hipsters” is brilliant, btw.

  5. GhostOfDuane

    @OliverTwist: But why would a black person be at a Queens of the Stone Age concert?

    So, it’s ok for the guy to throw a bottle at Josh Homme, but not ok for Josh Homme to return fire? Sure he looks like a jackass. Probably because he is a jackass. But I for one hope that the kid got kicked in the face and buttfucked in front of his friends, as promised.

  6. OliverTwist

    @GhostOfDuane: Good point. Any faggots present had it coming.

    And call me old fashioned, but I’d say having your security guards hold someone still while you assault them isn’t fighting fair.

  7. GhostOfDuane

    Sure isn’t fighting fair. But nor is pegging a bottle at a performer. I give the musicians the benefit of the doubt 9 times out of 10 on this one. And I didn’t
    recall reading about how the kid is now blind, deaf and legless from having a bottle back chucked at him.

    Also, most disgusting thing a musician’s ever done? GG Allin much?

  8. DaeSu

    @GhostOfDuane: Why wouldn’t a black person be at the QOTSA show?

  9. OliverTwist

    @GhostOfDuane: I don’t see any reason to give the musicians the benefit of the doubt. Unless you have exaggerated respect for musicians, which I don’t.

    Incidentally, it’s really the guards who behaved horribly. But for Homme to go along with their forming an insta-lynch party is disgusting too.

    GG Allin? I like Stephin Merritt, stuff like that. I think you’re way too much of tough guy for us to keep talking.

    Sorry about the kid not getting killed!

  10. GhostOfDuane

    Right, I’m sure Stephen Merritt would gladly take a bottle to the dome and thank the crowd for showing their support.

  11. Anonymous

    Considering such wordplay is coming from one of the Buddyhead bunch, it’s not terribly surprising. And having security hold the guy while he lobbed a bottle at him reminds me of every teen comedy in which the blond thug has his toadies grab the hero’s arms so he can pummel with impunity.

  12. GhostOfDuane

    Oh and anyone who is on stage in front of a large crowd is entirely vulnerable, and in this case we’re not talking about throwing tomatos. Bottles can and will do damage. And yes, performers certainly do deserve a measure of respect up there. Nothing gives them the right to pummel people, but the dude could have easily ducked that beating by not hurling a bottle. Actions have consequences, and while we know this kid is a complete idiot from the video, my hunch is that he knew damn well what he was in for when he let it fly. and correct me if i’m wrong, but he didn’t do a damn thing to the kid. so why stand up for that little bottle throwing prick again?

  13. bcapirigi

    @GhostOfDuane: I think Stephin Merritt would more likely just clutch his ears while Claudia Gonson told everyone to stop shifting so loudly in their seats.

    Also, I’m kinda glad now that I failed at trying to think Josh Homme was ever hot.

  14. RaptorAvatar

    @OliverTwist: A lot of it has to do with expectations. Homme is a little bit of a steakhead, so if he throws a largely incidental homophobic slur it’s not gonna get people riled or cost him his audience. Plus, he was using it in a more connotative than denotative sense. However, if (for instance) you’re the wacky neighbor from “Seinfeld” and carpet things with the N-bomb while suggesting that the heckler should be hanged, that’s a different set of expectations, a different context, a different conotative and denotative use, and hence more of a publicity problem. Not saying that it’s right in either case (lest this turn into the opression olympics), just laying out why there hasn’t been a major reaction.

  15. OliverTwist

    @GhostOfDuane: Why stand up for a guy who can’t lose his temper without hollering about “faggots”? Why stand up for a guy who promises to charge into the crowd to deal with anyone who throws something at him, then a moment later does basically the opposite, using security to gang up on him?

    Why stand up for a bigot and a coward?

    And you’re right about Merritt. I saw Claudia and John pin a heckler to the floor once while Stephin stomped on his face. Lincoln Center, ’06. Awesome.

  16. OliverTwist

    @RaptorAvatar: Oh, I understand why there’s no major reaction: It’s because saying “faggot,” or condoning someone else doing it, won’t land you in a full body cast. Christopher Lasch said it pretty well when he explained that the term “guilty white liberals” was inapt since “it was fear, not guilt, that motivated them.”

  17. Anonymous

    Stop the madness, idolator.commentors! Can’t we reach some sort of compromise, where we admit that homophobia, in all it’s forms, is rather embarrassing, but that the bottle throwing kid still deserved a curb stomping, and watching his parents be raped by pit bulls?

    In all seriousness, defending fans that throw shit is fucking ridiculous, regardless of how the performer acted before, or after. It’s like when people throw shit at a sporting event. As far as I’m concerned, if Milton Bradley gets hit in the head by a d-battery, and goes into the stands to fuck somebody up, good for his ass.

  18. GhostOfDuane

    I don’t recall standing up for anyone, just standing against the little Norwegian bastard who tossed a bottle on stage and was escorted out looking like he was having the time of his life.

  19. GhostOfDuane

    @StuntKockSteeev: Hurray for pit bull rape!

    But seriously, have you ever tried to buttfuck someone with a 103 degree fever? Me neither; I prefer chicken noodle soup. But I imagine it would be really unpleasant for both parties.

  20. Anonymous

    @GhostOfDuane: This reply started out as wholehearted agreement about what a prick that bottle throwing kid is, but now it’s turning into a wistful dream about how great I’d look in a t-shirt with “Hurray for pit bull rape!” written on it in puffy paint. Looks like I’m gonna have to pencil in a trip to Michael’s Craft Emporium this fine afternoon.

  21. natepatrin

    Somewhere, John Lydon breathes a sigh of relief.

  22. OliverTwist

    @StuntKockSteeev: My point is that the ouburst should be the story–second, possibly, to how security behaved. You disagree, because to you hollering about “faggots” before a festival audience is at worst “embarrassing.” On the contrary, I say it (retroactively) justifies a nice bottle to the head. And again, if it had been many another slur, I don’t think anyone would be arguing.

    Sorry for my “fucking ridiculous” “madness.” I’ll seek help.

  23. Lax Danja House

    Worst Axl Rose impression ever. Does this guy have any redeeming qualities?

  24. Anonymous

    @OliverTwist: This is sort of a “chicken or the egg” argument, but my point is that ideologically, there are sins of action, and sins of reaction. Homme’s was a sin of reaction, but such a sin can only occur after the deed of another sets things in motion. If this kid wasn’t dogshit, this thread wouldn’t exist in the first place.

    “Embarrassing” was probably too cavalier of a way to put it, but I guess I’m reading this as someone that’s sat through one too many concerts/sporting events where people think that their $20 ticket price also gives them carte blanche to treat the people on stage like indentured servants. It’s unfortunate that Homme’s admittedly reprehensible personal politics have cost us all an opportunity to rise up together and celebrate the fact that this kid deserved a Timberland upside his skull. Hopefully, future footage of enraged musicians contains more politically neutral bile, so as to alleviate any such murkiness.

  25. Anonymous

    As someone who’s seen/heard countless similiar verbal attacks by him, this was unique and not in a good way. He usually doesn’t get that intense or that confrontational. Not to mention the direct invitations to violence right there and then.

    Usually it’s a couple of c*cksucker comments about the guy in the crowd and his relationship with his mother. Then some closing comments about their lack of intelligence and not making Mensa. Maybe a few references to taking it outside or how the guy with the mike wins.

    Apparently he’s a cranky bear when he’s sick.

  26. brandonsoderberg

    This was just awesome, everyone should relax…

  27. Paul D

    Homme could have said “faggot” a hundred times and it still wouldn’t be okay for this kid to throw bottles at the band. Homme’s poor choice of words does not get that kid off the hook for what he did.

    I’m as tolerant as anybody, but if some douchenozzle chucked a bottle at me I probably wouldn’t be too careful about my choice of words, at least for the first few seconds. I’m no bigot, and neither is Homme.

    Bill Hicks is one of the greatest comedians who ever lived, there’s no question that he was on the side of tolerance and open-mindedness. And he used to say “faggot” all the time.

  28. bcapirigi

    @GhostOfDuane: Buttfucking with a 103 degree fever is no fun at all. Especially if you’re also hungover and it’s the middle of summer. For the record.

  29. GhostOfDuane

    @StuntKockSteeev: All rights reserved.

    @OliverTwist: I’d be totally with you if the sequence was this: 1) Dude calls guy a fag, 2) Guy hurls bottle

    @bcapirigi: Judging from your pic, good lord, you’re way too young to be feverishly buttfucking in the summertime.

  30. OliverTwist

    Ahem… From the Onion A/V, August 2007:

    “You have been warned, Queens Of The Stone Age fans-don’t throw stuff at Josh Homme. On the 2005 live album Over The Years And Through The Woods, Homme calls out a troublemaking fan at the conclusion of “Monsters In The Parasol” for being a “a total cocksmoker” and “throwing shit at me.” He even describes the guy’s white long-sleeved shirt and has the crew turn the lights on him, so “it’s not just me and you that knows you’re a fucking asshole, it’s everybody.” Homme caps his characteristically laidback rant with some advice for the total cocksmoker’s fellow audience members: “When you see Mr. Cocksmoker later, just walk by and go ‘Hey cocksmoker, eat a bag of dicks.’” Rock star 1, fan 0.”

    What a witty, original guy.

    He’s not a bigot? OK, then, he’s just obsessed. In a negative way. (You can find more on his obsession by reading his interview with Time Out New York, in which he rants against “emasculation.”) Oh, wait–that’s called being bigoted!

    He’s also a crybaby. And a moron. Who makes music for morons. Who hence show up to his shows. And throw bottles at him. Which makes a perfect circle.

    Leave the faggots out of it.

  31. Anonymous

    @GhostOfDuane: Leave black people out of this, since you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. Kthxbai.

  32. westartedthis

    wait, back up a minute – what’s wrong with ZZ Top?

  33. GhostOfDuane

    Good lord, I didn’t realize this was the one Idolator thread that required deathly serious comments. Apologies for missing that tag. But come on, the other dude dropped an n-bomb and I get a scolding for a totally innocuous remark? Really? And, insulting my intelligence, then ending with kthxbai? Really?

  34. tigerpop

    @Paul D: Bill Hicks was one of the greatest thinkers that ever did stand-up comedy. He was a “reader” too, to use his own terminology–he stopped using the “f” word not so long after his career started to take off, presumably because he wised up and realized it wasn’t an acceptable thing to say. (It was the turn of the ’90s after all.)

    Translation: Josh Homme is a 12-year-old and a bully. But I still wouldn’t throw a bottle at him.

  35. Silverfuture

    No Homme.

  36. Adam

    Thank you. Somebody realizes the sheer amount of bitch-outcry from these pussies. I commend you sir.

    For everyone else: enjoy being offended…for everyone else

  37. Faggoty Fag Faggot

    Hey, may be that kid was acting like a little faggot?

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