Vanessa Hudgens Sings About Putting Her Shoes On

Jun 16th, 2008 // 3 Comments

If you’re a starlet with a still-pretty-recent nudie-pic scandal and a middle-school fanbase, how do you get your mojo back? How do you brush off those claims of being inappropriate fodder for middle-school lockers’ insides? If you’re Vanessa Hudgens, you put out “Sneakernight”–yes, it’s one word–which sounds like a Nikka Costa cast-off that had its lyrics hastily cleaned up for consumption by the tween set; one wonders if the song’s construct of being about Hudgens putting her shoes on was a deliberate attempt to distract listeners from her past exploits, since I’m pretty sure that when the paparazzi catch her clubbing she’s wearing shoes that are a bit more strappy, and a bit less comfy. [YouTube]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    OMG totally on the Nikka Costa - it’s like they interpolated “Like a Feather” on a wobbly piano and then ran it through a sampler.

  2. ObtuseIntolerant

    This was the talk of our household this weekend. Just….shockingly….awful.

  3. Anonymous

    I never thought “Sneaker Rock” would become a genre. If ever there was a time when I’d RATHER hear a Nelly song, this is it.

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