WEEN To Tour With Lil’ Mama, MC Lyte

Jun 16th, 2008 // 7 Comments

weenjpg.JPGPuerile stoners will be in for a surprise on June 28, when WEEN kicks off a “Don’t Judge Me…EmPower Me” tour with help from Lil’ Mama and MC Lyte. “Our tour begins in New York City at a most opportune time given the unprecedented national debate about the leadership of women in American society. WEEN’s fast growing network of artists, executives and professionals will deliver vital and exciting information to thousands of young women on June 28. After many months of preparation, we are enthusiastic about the launch and our goal is to provide young women with the tools necessary to make informed professional and personal life choices,” said Gene Wee…sorry, Valeisha Butterfield, founder of the Women In Entertainment Empowerment Network. In advance of the tour, WEEN held an “I AM WEEN” event in March, at which they gave away prizes including “a funky WEEN couture T-shirt.” I know some folks from college who’d kill for one of those.

The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) has emerged as
the premiere organization for the education and empowerment of women
worldwide. WEEN is spearheaded by stars and executives from the
entertainment industry and advocates for the balanced, positive
portrayal of women in entertainment and in society. WEEN will launch
the “Don’t Judge Me…EmPower Me” national tour at the Hammerstein
Ballroom in New York City on June 28, 2008 at 1:30pm.

Entertainment icons and executives will discuss health, financial
literacy, leadership, career development and relationships with
thousands of young adults in a series of intimate, interactive panel
discussions. Anheuser-Busch, Inc. is the presenting sponsor and
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the supporting sponsor.

…Joining the “Don’t Judge Me…EmPower Me” kick-off in New York City is
LeToya Luckett, Lil Mama, MC Lyte, Melyssa Ford, La La Vasquez, Lil
Mo, Julissa Bermudez, Free, BET television personality Alesha Renee,
Vibe Magazine Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith, Primetime Omnimedia CEO
Marilyn Crawford, Universal Motown Executives Shanti Das and Phylicia
Fant, 5WPR executive Tracy Nygen, Hip-Hop Summit Action Network
Director of Talent Relations Jasmin Franjul, Model Agent Davida
Williams, Dr. Nicole Roberson, Dr. Catrise Austin (Dentist), Activist
Maria Davis, Lynn Richardson of Wealth n Real Estate, Lori Gibbs of
Genworth Financial.

Sounds great, but I think the group needs a catchy slogan. How about “Push th’ little daisies, and make ‘em come up?”

Ween Online [Official site]
Ween – Push Th’ Little Daisies [YouTube]

  1. loudersoft

    summary: LOL

  2. Halfwit

    @loudersoft: A) The proper term, in this situation, would probably be “lulz”

    B) Why do I feel that these guys use that term in normal everyday conversation?

  3. Cam/ron


    And I was looking forward to Lil’ Mama and MC Lyte joining the encore of “Freedom of ’76.”

  4. Christopher R. Weingarten

    you fucked up

  5. Clevertrousers

    Isn’t a phalocentric acronym kind of a bad fit for a women’s empowerment organization? They should have found a way to use V.A.G.E. or C.O.O.C.H. or, for the bilingual, C.H.O.C.H.A. …

  6. NoOneCaresAboutYourFuckingBlog

    Whoever wrote this headline must’ve failed out of journalism school.

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