Do Fuck With The Wildhearts

Jun 16th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Josh Homme may not appreciate it when you send a bottle his way, but the Wildhearts took a different tack during their Download Festival performance yesterday. After a projectile-studded performance of “Sick Of Drugs,” shown above, singer Ginger asked “is that all you’ve got to throw?” His banter inspired a barrage that, while sadly not yet posted online, was intense enough that festival managers pulled the band from the stage. While I don’t want to suggest that bands should necessarily invite abuse, this is a bit more admirable a reaction than gay-baiting and security-assisted violence. [Sleaze Roxx]

  1. Lax Danja House

    I still wouldn’t fuck with Ginger. He threatened to break my nose once.

  2. bcapirigi

    When I saw QotSA a few years ago, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead opened. Somebody threw something at them, and they ended up yelling at security and saying that the guy (who was being escorted out) paid his $17 and that he should basically be able to do whatever he wanted since tickets were so expensive.

    Unrelatedly, I totally forgot about Wildhearts! I don’t think I’ve heard them since about 1997.

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