Lou Barlow Somehow Not Embarrassed By Acoustic Demo Of “Soul And Fire”

Jun 16th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Sebadoh recently re-released a double-disc version of 1993′s Bubble & Scrape, and the previously unreleased material includes alternate versions of Eric Gaffney shrieks and Jason Loewenstein whines, as well as an acoustic demo of Lou Barlow’s “Soul And Fire”–one of two tracks on the album that were originally designed to win back his girlfriend, Kath, who is now his wife and the mother of his child. While the album version is a mournful memorial of their initial romance, the demo is exactly the kind of wistful bullshit (“call me if you ever want to love again”) any friend of its target would advise them to ignore entirely. “If you decide you need me/ I’ll be wondering if I care” was harsh, but “If you decide you need me/ make a wish, and I’ll be there?” Run, girl, run! [Catbirdseat]


  1. papercoversrock

    Of course, “call me if you ever want to love again” was a standard lyric substitution when the band played the song live.

    Wistfully waiting for Lou’s bullshit to be considered cool again … Yeah, there are valid critiques of the entire Sebathing, but I feel like dude doesn’t get his due.

    Then again, I’m a huge fan. (Surprise!)

  2. cockfightbarmitzvah

    @papercoversrock: Here here! And beer beer!

  3. Anonymous

    He performed it this way on the tour accompanying the LP…he had reconciled with his girlfriend and thus he changed the lyrics to reflect that…

    Happy for him…not so much for those of us who bled right with him upon playing that song over and over again…

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