Idolator’s Summer Jam Tournament Reignites The Fierce UK-Denmark Pop Rivalry

Jun 17th, 2008 // 16 Comments

alphabits.jpgThe second half of Idolator’s summer-jam semifinal is ready for tipoff (or whatever the musical equivalent is). Remember: These polls close tomorrow, so to have your voice heard, make sure you vote early and often–especially in this difficult matchup between Estelle’s love letter to American men in baggy jeans and Alphabeat’s ecstatically retro Europop party. Poll after the jump!

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Alphabeat [MySpace]
Estelle [MySpace]


  1. silkyjumbo

    i stand by estelle.

  2. brasstax

    I went with Estelle & Kanye in the last round (although Annie was a very tough opponent), but my love for Alphabeat is second to none.

  3. BawstonSean

    I personally believe that giving us Aqua and Mew is enough reason to nuke a nation out of existence. but I’m also sure that I’m the only blogger at Bonnaroo that wasn’t pissed about Kanye’s set.

  4. musicquizking


  5. the rich girls are weeping

    Oh, this is tough, but seeing as I have yet to hear EITHER pumpin’ on anyone’s stereo, I’m going with Alphabeat.

  6. the rich girls are weeping

    As I have yet to hear EITHER pumpin’ on anyone’s stereo, I’m going with Alphabeat, as that track would clearly be better in the car. Too many tempo switchbacks in “American Boy.”

  7. the rich girls are weeping

    Oh, botheration. Sorry for the dup post.

  8. Nunya B

    I keep on voting against Estelle and it is KILLING me, y’all. KILLING ME.

  9. Anonymous

    Estelle FTW. Maybe you won’t either of them banging out of a Jeep, but you can play Estelle at a BBQ. Alphabeat? Not so much.

  10. the rich girls are weeping

    @slowburn: A bbq with white people eating tofu dogs and gardenburgers!

  11. Chris Molanphy

    This one was painful. Estelle’s my girl and that’s my song, but: ouch, voting against Alphabeat hurt.

  12. Anonymous

    @the rich girls are weeping: At that BBQ you could play Alphabeat.

    At the BBQ’s I go to, it’s going to be Estelle this summer all the way, at least if I have anything to do with it. Anything to stop them from playing endless Alicia Keys records!

  13. el smrtmnky

    alphabeat for moi. i do enjoy their 10,000 nights of thunder (bimbo jones remix) for my summer song. but i’m a bit over mr. west at the moment.

  14. Anonymous

    Estelle all the way. I still just don’t “get” the Alphabeat track in this context. It’s certainly good, but summer jam? Seriously?

  15. Kate Richardson

    Damn I was too busy fishing today to vote for my own pick! Oh well, the Danes and I came close, but I’m glad if we lost to anyone it was Estelle. And I say both these tunes could be on a rockin BBQ mix.

  16. Anonymous

    Alphabeat all the way. First losing Duffy, and now this? Shame.

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