Major Labels Hawking Affordable Music? What?

xandy.jpgBetween their ubiquitous iTunes ad and their promotional appearances on nearly every media outlet imaginable, you could be forgiven for being sick of Coldplay by now. However, if you’re the sort who enjoys a bargain but is too lazy to fire up BitTorrent, a different piece of the Coldplay catalog is on deep discount each day this week at Amazon MP3, and the promotion starts today, with X&Y selling for $1.99. While I haven’t had much use for the Amazon digital store in the past, the company’s new initiative to get people to try it out is admirable, with five albums each Friday available for five bucks. (This Friday’s cheap offerings include the quite decent Plant/Krauss collaboration Raising Sand.) The deals are actually inspiring a few people to plunk down a few dollars too; Weezer’s Pinkerton jumped into the digital top 50 last week thanks in part to Amazon offering it for $1.99. [Amazon]

  • brasstax

    Amazon’s store is especially great for UK/European small label stuff that, for whatever reason, isn’t usually available on iTunes. I use it regularly.

  • Anonymous

    Problem is, breaking habit can be a killer — the ubiquity and ease of iTunes generally means people don’t bother to shop around.

  • bcapirigi

    I prefer Amazon because I still like to burn CDs for vehicular listening, and for whatever reason my (Windows) computer won’t let me burn itunes purchases onto discs that also have non-itunes purchases. Also, I know of no one else that has this problem.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @brasstax: Whoa, I haven’t tried this – there are no domain-registry restrictions on downloads from outside the home country? Wow.

    I was using for years to buy the superior British editions of the Harry Potter books (and paying through the nose for shipping), but downloading songs from there never occurred to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using for my downloads since they first came out.
    1. They are cheaper than iTunes
    2. It downloads right into my iTunes library
    3. No locks on the music
    4. I love their sales – I got Elton John’s greatest hits for $2 (come
    on, every music library has to have some of his stuff).

    I haven’t bought from iTunes all year.