Norah Jones Can Be The First Voice Your Baby Hears

Jun 17th, 2008 // 7 Comments

storktunes.jpgThe birth of a new child is certainly a joyous occasion, especially with the right combination of medications. And while the hospital environment can be a little stressful during the process, there are ways to ease your new child into this world with peace, joy and love. However, if you’d rather just go with a soundtrack of easy listening tracks, that option is now available as well.

I don’t want to be the sort of person who puts down a wonderful organization like the March of Dimes. Hey, I’m for healthy babies too! I’ve fathered two of them, and I was certainly thankful for their health. However, look at this lineup for Stork Tunes, “a CD celebrating motherhood with calming, inspirational musical compositions focused on mothers and babies.” Really, they couldn’t do any better than this?

Celine Dion, “A Mother’s Prayer”

Dixie Chicks, “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)”
Jessica Andrews, “I Wish for You”
The Boys Choir of Harlem, “Children of the World”
Katrina Carlson, “Mother”
Norah Jones, “Sunrise”

Dean Backholm, “Mother & Child”
Kenny Loggins, “Rainbow Connection”
Billy Joel, “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)”

Sinead O’Connor, “All Babies”
Wynonna Judd, “Always Will”
Raffi, “May There Always be Sunshine”

I get the idea of wanting to relax while giving birth, but do we really want to give babies this sort of first impression? I’m trying my best to keep my kids from having to deal with the knowledge that Celine Dion is out there–somewhere–for as long as possible. March of Dimes, I’ll send you the $5 that’s donated from each purchase of this disc in lieu of buying it, because I’d rather stick to this realistic and moving take on the bond between mother and child, which my children heard while entering this world.

Stork Tunes [March of Dimes]

  1. mexiback

    I love “Sunrise” by Norah Jones. There you have it: I’m a wuss.

  2. Maura Johnston

    If you’re going to have a Kenny Loggins track…

  3. Anonymous

    Headphones placed on my wife’s belly, pre-natally piping in Mozart and “Revolver” was a lot more valuable than exposing my son to Celine Dion.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    @mexiback: Ditto - one of only maybe two songs of hers I like at all. I used to like “Don’t Know Why” but have been beaten into submission by repetition. “Sunrise” still holds up, though; she shoulda gone further on that mellow-country tip.

    @Maura Johnston: OMG, word. Most underrated track in his oeuvre.

    I did a mix for friends of mine who had their first kid years ago called the “Sleepytime” mix; it’s full of mellow stuff like Beck and Belle & Sebastian and Nick Drake and Neil Young. Works like a charm.

  5. Reidicus

    Actually, I think Norah may have been the first thing my oldest heard. It was either that or Hem, as we had both “Come Away With Me” and “Rabbit Songs” in the delivery room.

    But that 2002 child was the last of the pre-iPod era; my youngest was born (3 months ago) to a wildly eclectic mix, and I can’t even remember what was playing at the time she was born because it happened so fast.

  6. NeverEnough

    Doesn’t this constitute child abuse?

  7. Defenestrated

    But… is it smooooooth?

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