Ice-T: “Soulja Boy Killed Hip-Hop!”

Just in case you thought “farm boys from Iowa” contributing to Salon were the only people livid about the effect of Soulja Boy on hip-hop*, SVU veteran and creator of my favorite rap album of all time Ice-T wants you to know that he has no respect for the snap superstar. “We came all the way from Rakim, we came all the way from Das EFX, we came all the way from motherfuckers flowing like Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube, and you come with that Superman shit? That shit is garbage.”

Almost as if he knew the attack was coming, Soulja Boy released a new “freestyle” earlier this week, allegedly delivered as payback for half a million visits to his YouTube page. Watch as he brilliantly rhymes “on” with “on” and “on” with “on.”

Is there a reason he keeps looking off to the side between each line? Or why he stares to the left when zooming through the speed-rapping part of this “freestyle?” At the beginning of the clip we can see a video game on a giant TV screen to his right, and the same image appears to be on the computer he starts the music on. So did he have some giant digital cue cards set up for the “freestyle?” Or is he just simply checking on the game? Either way, I doubt this will help him regain Ice-T’s respect.

Ice T Says Soulja Boy Killed Hip Hop [YouTube via RealTalkNY]Soulja Boy – Another Freestyle 500k Part 5 [YouTube]

* I’m still boggling over the phrase “since when did young black men, heretofore the arbiters of pop culture, become so lame?”

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