“FNMTV” Reruns Further Proof That You Can Make An Acronym Mean Anything These Days

Jun 18th, 2008 // 4 Comments

So right now MTV, in its newfound commitment to playing at least four full-length music videos per week, is running a “remixed” version of the Pete Wentz music-video mission FNMTV, as it did on Monday and Tuesday around this time. This edition is apparently a “reviews”-centric version of the show, where the featured videos take up about 2/3 of the screen and the real focus is the user-generated reactions to each video being aired. (MTV has been desperately begging its users to grab their cameras and talk or dance in response to each clip on its Web site, and it would appear that at least a few people have gobbled up the 15-seconds-of-fame bait. Including Ultragrrrl! An example is below.)

So what you have is basically multiple airings of the same four videos that aired Friday (in full and abbreviated, and surrounded by MTV News bits and brief clips of a few other videos), only now they’re sung along with, danced along with, or reviewed by people who are divided into “haters” and “lovers” based on their commentary. And before you say “wait, if it’s airing on a Wednesday afternoon, does that mean that MTV has given up the whole illusion that ‘FN’ really stands for ‘Friday night?’” I should let you know that according to the show’s bumpers, the “FN” in this user-generated instance actually means “feedback/new.” No, really. I mean, words, right? They’re so hilarious!

FNMTV [Official site]

  1. Defenestrated

    I caught a vid by the Ting Tings on this show as I was flipping through channels the other day. Seems like pop-up video amateur hour, but even more annoying than you’d expect.

  2. Rock You Like An Iracane

    They don’t even play the full friggin’ video. Fail.

  3. Ultragrrrl

    i like being on tv!

  4. Anonymous

    Surriously. Enough with the Pete Wentz kack-riding.

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