“Chinese Democracy” Creeps Ever Closer To Actually Existing (Maybe)

Jun 18th, 2008 // 15 Comments

AP06063002126.jpgIn what may be the biggest sign of blogging hubris I’ve seen in a long time, the guys who run Antiquiet are claiming to have nine tracks from Guns N’ Roses’ eternally delayed Chinese Democracy, and they’re so sure of the songs’ legitimacy that they’ve decided to stream the whole shebang. (10 p.m. ET update: The songs are all gone, and most of the post–except the part where they say “if you ask me, Guns N’ Roses are fucking back, and they’ll be just fine”–has been struck out.) Six of the tracks are newer versions of songs that first surfaced back in 2007 (including “Better,” “Madagascar,” and the title track); they’re accompanied by three untitled tracks (including one that is, according to a friend, actually called “Rihad and the Bedouins”) that definitely have Axl on vocals, and also sound of a piece with the album’s other alleged material. While I puzzle over just how close to being really finished these tracks are, I implore you to check them out (while you still can, anyway), if only so you can come back and take part in our exciting “Is this really it for real this time, or is the Internet just being strung along again?” poll!

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We’ve Got Chinese Democracy… And It’s Worth The Wait [Antiquiet]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    Already not working. I got through three songs.

  2. LAKingsin2009

    @Big Gray.: Further than I, though it had nothing to do with computer trouble.

    This just confirms my theory that the GnR slide began when anyone other than one Jeffrey Isbell was given the opportunity to write the music.

  3. KikoJones

    @LAKingsin2009: Then how come Izzy’s solo albums are so weak? He was one cool mofo, though.

  4. drjimmy11


  5. Anonymous

    @drjimmy11: I got the same message. Call me crazy, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed here.


  6. Reidicus

    @drjimmy11: And just now added: “ALSO, WE GOT A CALL FROM GUNS N’ ROSES. STAY TUNED.”

  7. LAKingsin2009

    @KikoJones: I wouldn’t say that all of his solo work has been ‘weak’. In fact, from what I have heard, it is better, though obviously different, from what I just heard. That being said, I agree that it isn’t Appetite, but that doesn’t mean that Izzy wasn’t an integral part of GnR. Note as well that the solo output from the other GnR members (I’m including the new GnR) has in my book been pretty weak.

  8. Lax Danja House

    These three tracks are unbearably average. ‘Rhiad’ is probably the best of them, but all three seem pretty rough, as if they decided to use every possible instrument and sound effect and whittle it down from there. As it stands, they just sound cluttered and distracting.

    Izzy’s solo stuff is awesome. On Down The Road is a vastly underrated album, and 117 Degrees remains one of my favourite records to put on for a lazy rock n’ roll groove. His music may not show any evidence that he’s been sentient since about 1979- and that may not be far from the truth- but that thar’s some diverse shit.

  9. Anonymous

    There are a couple of really great tracks here. Mixed with a couple of completely shitty ones. Par for the course, yeah?

  10. Lax Danja House

    One of the songs is called ‘If The World’ and other appears to be ‘Prostitute.’ They’re far from “mixed and mastered,” as the blog and the subsequent billboard article have claimed. They’re relatively rough recordings, at least by Axl’s standards.

  11. KikoJones

    @LAKingsin2009: You are right: Izzy was absolutely an integral part of the band. Perhaps the grounding force, the soul, and the real source of the swagger and attitude of Appetite-era GnR.

    The truth is, that band at its best was the sum of all the parts. None of those guys on their own have been able to replicate the magic they once had. And when they traded the rockin’ groove of Steven “Popcorn” Adler for the plodding drumming of the insufferable Matt Sorum, well…

  12. HUGE_Hefner

    Ok, Axl was right. These songs are awesome. “Untitled #2″ is killer.”Untitled #3″ probably wont make the final cut.

  13. bburl

    Well, if it’s done and it’s leaking the release date should be any day now. Geffin won’t want to lose any more money on this thing, so they rush a release date once it starts appearing on p2p sites.

  14. loudersoft

    These songs available in

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  15. Stingrza

    These songs are excellent, but I am admittedly a big GnR fan. The six previously leaked songs are much much cleaner, and some of them are just way better than they used to be. Axl’s vocals on “The Blues” are way cleaner now.

    The three new tracks appear to be:

    1: Riyadh & The Bedouins
    2: This I love (no one is 100% sure that this is the name of this song)
    3: If The World (Would End Today)

    So far I think “This I Love” is the best of the new batch, but it’ll take a number of additional listens…

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