Music Journalists Forced To Go Hungry Yet Again

Jun 19th, 2008 // 4 Comments

menuPic.jpgA listening party for the latest album by record honcho Tommy Mottola’s latest pop-singer spouse, Thalia, was less notable for the music than it was for the fact that writers in attendance were peevish about the “cash hors d’oeuvres” policy. “After hitting the open bar… and listening to some tracks from the LP, critics were stunned to be presented with menus by waitresses, who encouraged them to pay for their food,” reports Page Six. Apparently once greeted by said menus, the writers left en masse, and who could blame them? That $18 price tag for “bread and dips” at Nikki Beach, where the party was hosted, would barely be covered by the pennies they’d be paid for the five-word blurb this project would inevitably garner. Anyway, if you want to hear what those writers were missing while they tried to find a falafel cart, the video for Thalia’s “Ten Paciencia” is after the jump.

Maybe forcing the writers to pay their own way for food was some sort of… distraction strategy?

Nikki Beach – New York Menu []
Thalia [Official site]


  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    This is just dumb by Mottola on so many levels. He isn’t going to get good reviews for his act/wife by pissing off the writers, nor does it make him look particularly successful. At the very least he’s very tacky.

    And although certainly a legit gripe, it’s hard to see the progression of this industry if everyone is still pining for the ole “sex, drugs, rock n roll” days, even if it is just for a free $18 bread and dip.

  2. Anonymous

    Tommy Mottola lives on the road
    He lost his lady just two months ago
    maybe he’ll find her, maybe he won’t
    Oh no, never, no, no
    He lives in the back of his big grey cadillac
    Oh my honey
    Blowin’ his mind on cheap grass and wine
    oh ain’t it crazy baby, yeah
    Guess you could say, hey hey, this man has learned his lesson, oh-oh, hey, hey
    now he’s alone he’s got no women and no home
    for misery oh- ho, cherchez la femme
    – Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, “Cherchez La Femme”

  3. BakerStreetSaxSolo

    so the writers in attendance couldn’t bear to not eat for the duration of a CD? Bet they were taking full advantage of the free bar, though.

  4. Lampbane


    Well, not once they realized how much the food was, unless they wanted to get really piss drunk. Which might help the reviews…

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