Taco Bell Thinks 50 Cent Is Worth At Least As Much As One Of Their Bean Burritos

Bean-Burrito.jpgTaco Bell is asking 50 Cent to change his name for the good of the world, saying that if he takes one day to upgrade his nom de guerre to 79 Cent, 89 Cent, or 99 Cent and drop by one of their drive-thrus for a freestyle into the microphone they’ll comp the meals of anyone who happens to be in said location and donate $10,000 in his name to “the charity of his choice.” (Given recent events, you’d think that said charity would be a legal fund of some sort.) It’s too bad, however, that the Taco Bell president’s embarrassing riff on “change” (“We know that you adopted the name 50 Cent years ago as a metaphor for change. We at Taco Bell are also huge advocates for change.” Ha… ha? What?) didn’t include an invitation for Curtis to join the pantheon of musicians appearing in Taco Bell commercials that includes Young MC and a certain Man In Black.

Obviously, this Jingle was not produced by Rick Rubin.

50′s Name-Change Challenge! [OK]
1990′s 1992 Taco Bell Johnny Cash Commercial [YouTube]

  • loudersoft

    I think you’re tops girl super neato
    I love you like a fat kid love burritos

  • Rock You Like An Iracane


    I love your style and I love your smile
    I gotta ask you: Which sauce, fire or mild?

  • NeverEnough

    Wanna put my sauce/
    On your lady taco/
    None of that Vanilla/
    I want Choco.

  • Anonymous

    When you frown at me
    Is it cuz I won’t provide for you girl?
    You’re after my queso
    And your friends they see it too
    Spending notes is what your up to
    Women are after my queso

  • Chris N.

    You can find me at the Bell with a cup of Diet Sprite
    We can hit the drive-through, ‘cuz it’s open late at night
    I’m into bean burritos, I ain’t giving you a bite
    OK maybe I might, if your pussy’s nice and tight

  • alec_baldwin

    They call me a nasty girl cuz
    I can make yo burrito disappear in my mouth
    Let me show you how I do it, shakin’ that azz and twistin’ that thong
    Run me over to the Taco
    Bell and don’t be late
    You can show me yo burrito.
    And I’ll show you ma taco, shakin’ that azz and twistin’ that thong

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got the sickest vendetta,
    when it comes to the cheddar
    on my gordita supreme combo
    with churros and dr. pepper

  • FionaScrapple

    I keep ya open late at night
    slippery like banana peels.
    Fiddy fill ya up right
    Dont skip yo fourth meal.

  • Anonymous

    KFC should make the same offer to Spoon and have them change their name to Spork.