Pretty Ricky Shove The ’80s In Your Face On “Cuddle Up”

Jun 19th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Fans of New Jack Swing will either flip or reel in horror when they see Pretty Ricky’s “Cuddle Up,” in which our favorite horndogs pay earnest tribute to the era. PR ladyfriends Butta Creame wear outfits from “Push It” and “Real Love.” Bandleader Baby Blue not only rocks a high-top fade and a shoulder-padded suit with no shirt underneath, he holds one of those portable phones that Gordon Gekko would whip out. Lyrics flash across the screen in big bold letters, gold chains glow in the dark, 4Play gives us a solo dance over a breakbeat and the group is surrounded by animated Dayglo outlines worthy of In Living Color. Dope!

As always, the best analysis of the track comes from Pretty Ricky themselves.

Slick’ Em:”Most men, you know, they fall in love after the sex. But you know, it ain’t supposed to be like that. You’re supposed to fall in love by cuddling up. Because that person’s there for you. Your right hand chick, she on your side. 24/7. 365. 52 weeks in a year.”

Baby Blue: “We did ‘Cuddle Up’ for all the ladies out there who wanted to have a record that they could put on when they do… if all he wanna do is bang bang bang bang bang bang bang, nah, bro! You got to spend time with your lady. You got to treat your lady like a lady.”

So true, Baby Blue. But what people really want to know is: Where did you get that giant portable phone?

Pretty Ricky – Double Up [WSHH via Rock The Dub]
Pretty Ricky – What Does “Cuddle Up” Mean To You? [YouTube]

  1. Anonymous

    Butta Creme? That sounds like niche-marketed Preparation H.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    I know Straight Outta Compton came out in ’88, but that Eazy-E outfit in one of the scenes is straight ’90s South Central. Took me out of the moment entirely.

    But kudos for the phone.

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