Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent’s Taped Conversation With “Taped Conversation”

Jun 19th, 2008 // Comment

young%20buck.jpgDespite Young Buck’s manager claiming that his client was too much of a “real man” to respond to 50 Cent’s recording of Buck crying over the phone, Buck has already released a track, “Taped Conversation,” which offers his side of the story. Buck claims that the conversation was from “about a year ago” and that while the tape reveals the “emotional” side of Buck, it reveals a very unflattering side of 50. “I know you think this makes you look big, it really makes you look bad…You don’t know me!” 50 Cent has since released the entire recording of their conversation, including mentions of an upcoming show in Canada this weekend, which would suggest it was not recorded “about a year ago.” [Sandra Rose]

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