Oasis Promise At Least Three More Albums (That’ll Be Just Like The Last Three)

Jun 19th, 2008 // 14 Comments

AP070214033923.jpgOasis is signing a new three-album deal with Sony BMG, the company currently distributing the band’s label, Big Brother Recordings. According to their manager, the new deal allows the band to “team up with the crème of both the independent and major sectors worldwide to build on Oasis’ already considerable international success.” That would be great news if we were talking about something other than the release of three more Oasis albums. How has a group that’s threatened to break up so many times have survived so damn long? Let’s take a look at songs from their previous three full-lengths–Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, Heathen Chemistry, and Don’t Believe The Truth–to see what we can expect in the future.

Maybe they’ll explore Eastern sounds and concepts (not unlike the Beatles), as they did with Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants‘ “Who Feels Love?”

Or they could try something rootsy and acoustic (not unlike the Beatles), as they did on “She Is Love,” from Heathen Chemistry.

Of course, they could go grand piano-driven ballads (not unlike the Beatles), along the lines of “Let There Be Love” on Don’t Believe The Truth.

Then again, they may want to consider flipping the script all together, and bringing in some outside forces to provide fresh musical and lyrical inspiration. How about making an album with Jeff Lynne and Desmond Child?

Oasis gear up for release with new record deal [NME]
Oasis – Who Feels Love? [YouTube]
Oasis – She Is Love [YouTube]
Oasis – Let There Be Love [YouTube]


  1. Chris N.

    On the whole, the last three Oasis albums are an object lesson in why some bands shouldn’t be democracies. That said, there is the assorted gem like “Stop Crying Your Heart Out,” which is one of their best ever:

  2. Lax Danja House

    I dunno, I think the addition of new songwriters has led to some of their best work to date, both from Noel and the others. Granted Andy Bell’s songs pretty much sound like bad Oasis songs from the 90s, but it seems to have pushed Noel out of his comfort zone, and Liam’s songs have been among the best on both DBTT and Heathen Chemistry. Not saying much on the latter front, granted, but yeah.

  3. Handsome Pete

    Hurricane #1 did Oasis better than Oasis has been doing Oasis.

    Shame on you Andy Bell.

  4. skahammer

    Yet more work for the world’s greatest Blur tribute band. Amazing.

  5. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Maybe they can team-up with the Sex Pistols…

  6. Tauwan

    Fuck what ya heard Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is a fantastic fucking album. Real talk.

  7. Audif Jackson Winters III

    I actually like “Don’t Believe The Truth” quite a bit.

  8. TriedandTrue

    Who knew a band so full of hate and anger had that many songs about Love?!?!?

  9. nonce

    After years of thinking of Oasis as a scourge of scousers, hearing Devendra Banhart’s Lennon/”Imagine”-esque take on “Don’t Look Back in Anger” as turned me around, because a) it’s a decent song and, b) whether it has to do with Banhart or not, the lyrics make *no* sense whatsoever, in a truly WTF kind of way.

    Almost as good/bad as Jill Sobule covering “Hot in Herre.”

  10. nonce

    “Has” turned me around. My typing ability is being hit hard by the recession.

  11. sharky

    Who the fuck edits this piece of shit blog? The last Oasis record was NOTHING like the previous two. It was very, very good. It had fantastic songs and was very well recorded. Arguably the best Oasis record they’ve ever done.

    Nobody can argue “Standing on the Shoulders” was anything but a steaming pile of doo and that “Heathan Chemistry” was extremely pedestrian at best, but maybe if you’re going to write about rock music you should… I don’t know… KNOW something about it.

  12. Anonymous

    Sounds like a lazy, money-hungry manager to me.

    No band of Oasis’ stature needs a label these days. ESPECIALLY not for three album cycles.

  13. skahammer

    @sharky: New to the internet? Because there are a million other places on it where you can flame folks anonymously and to your heart’s content — but my sense is that Idolator is aiming a little higher.

    I don’t even disagree with your point. But really, you admire other people who express themselves in this way? Surely you’ve got more on the ball than that.

  14. cheesebubble

    I worry that Oasis’ best stuff is long behind them. Well, maybe “worry” is a strong word because I don’t really care anymore. They used to rock my world, however. We’ll all just have to wait and see what happens regarding their next three releases, I guess. Lastly – well said and amen to skahammer.

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