The Chocolate 7-Inch Forces People To Choose Between 180-Gram Vinyl And 70% Cacao

Jun 20th, 2008 // 9 Comments

chocolate_np_070507.jpgFormer Ultragrrrl protoges Innerpartysystem will release their next single as a limited-edition seven-inch, although I hope that any mailorders of the single are sent via refrigerated truck: The single will be crafted entirely from dark chocolate, which will supposedly take to your turntable “like a normal, if slightly crackly, vinyl single” if kept at the right temperature. (Tay Zonday is so wishing he’d thought of this first.) And obviously, if the song’s no good, you can always turn the 7-inch into a delicious treat; I have a recipe for an amazing flourless chocolate cake, if you’re in need of an idea. [Kerrang via Absolutepunk]


  1. janine

    It’s good to see the market acknowledge the staying power of Ultragrrrl’s picks. But seriously, this will come nowhere near my Grado needle.

  2. Captain Wrong

    I can’t see how this is going to be anywhere near playable. The needle on a turntable actually gets kinda warm from friction and is pretty stiff. After a couple of plays, the groove will be pretty smoothed out, I think.

  3. Chris N.

    “Chocolate 7-inch” should be good for a few entertaining Google hits.

  4. Ultragrrrl

    there’s actually going to be a video of the chocolate 7-inch getting played and then nommed pretty soon. i’m so hungry… i could eat the fuck out of that thing.

  5. Maura Johnston

    @Ultragrrrl: Awesome. (Also, thank you for adding to the Googleability of this page… eat the fuck out of a chocolate seven-inch! I’m just repeating the phrase for maximum traffic-generating potential.)

  6. Ultragrrrl

    here, you can now watch someone eat the fuck out of a chocolate 7-inch after playing it:

    I could eat or watch someone eat seven inches of chocolate all day long.

  7. Ultragrrrl

    I dont know if my previous comment went through or not, so just in case, the video of someone eathing seven inches of chocolate:

  8. Silverfuture

    That’s a little more than slightly crackly.

  9. cheesebubble

    I like records and I like chocolate but this leaves me underwhelmed. Marketing ploys like this highlight people who rely on gimmicks instead of letting any substance do the talking. Without even hearing this band, I’m willing to bet there isn’t much to them beyond some stylish posing.

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