Is It OK To (Ironically) Enjoy McFly?

Jun 20th, 2008 // 2 Comments

As a general rule, I enjoy British music. It’s a simple guideline, and usually it works out: While my neighbors are rocking out to outdated Nickelback discs, I can be smugly comfortable with my enjoyment of the new Wiley single. But sometimes, there are acts that make my commitment to that rule waver a bit. Like McFly.

When you start out opening for Busted, that’s clearly not a good sign, and having extensively appeared in a Lindsay Lohan film probably didn’t help their case, either. And now, they’ve delayed their new album to work out a cross-promotion with McDonalds. It all seems a little distasteful, but should a band be penalized for its popularity? Lil Wayne has the No. 1 album in the country, and critics love that guy. Why not McFly, people? Why not McFly?

They engage in shenanigans on the golf course! If you turned off the sound, you’d almost think they were a rock band of some sort, even. Wait, they even do Beatles covers!

Somehow, half the McFly catalog (or possibly, “catalogue”) seems to be somewhat unfortunate covers, now that I take a more extensive look.

Never mind. Forget I mentioned it. (However, wouldn’t the Jonas Brothers be more palatable if they threw in a few Jam covers? Maybe?)

McFly team up with McDonald’s [Guardian Music]


  1. moomintroll

    No! Just ask Simon Amstell.

  2. bcapirigi

    i liked one mcfly song once. last year, maybe? don’t remember any more details than that. it wasn’t transylvania, though, or the jellyfish cover.

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