Soulja Boy Fires Back At Ice-T The Only Way He Knows How: Wikipedia Citations

In case you don’t have the stomach to watch Soulja Boy’s expletive-laden, nearly eight-minutes-long despite edits response to Ice-T saying he ruined hip-hop forevermore, let me sum up its two major arguments. No. 1: “YAHHH OLD YAHHH.” (That’s a paraphrase.) No. 2: “How are you gonna make a song called ‘Fuck Da Police,’ then 35 years later, your ass is playing the police on TV?” (That’s a direct quote. Personally, I think a youuuuuuuu would have sufficed.) P.S.: This should go without saying on any YouTube clip, but seriously, if you want to retain your faith in the future of this planet, don’t read the comments. [YouTube; ht PTW / Earlier]
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