I Totally Got My “Mc” Bands Mixed Up

Jun 20th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Wait, did I actually consider the music of McFly earlier? What I clearly should have said was “Do you remember the minute and a half McLusky seemed like they would become somewhat popular? That was awesome.”

McLusky did a lot of screaming over the course of their brief career, which might explain why they never reached the sort of fame that McFly have or say, their Welsh neighbor Duffy. Their career-summarizing disc McLuskyism is well worth picking up, and largely recorded by Steve Albini, if that’s your sort of thing. Of course, since their breakup each member has gone on to other projects which may or may not be worth checking out for all I know. Until one of them releases an album with a title as clever as My Pain and Sadness is More Sad and Painful Than Yours, I’ll just stick to McLusky, I think.

Here are a few videos (largely fan created) to enjoy.

To Hell With Good Intentions (live):

Alan Is A Cowboy Killer:

Day of the Deadringers:

And another one, with a title I can’t quite bring myself to type out, in case I might alienate my Christian-rock fanbase:

McLusky [Too Pure]

  1. heyzeus

    To Hell With Good Intentions is like an atom bomb of smug that detonates in your head. Specfuckingtacular song.

  2. Eugene Langley

    If you haven’t heard the Future of the Left album from last year your life can’t possibly be complete. In the Mclusky Pantheon I believe it falls below only Mclusky Do Dallas.

  3. MayhemintheHood

    Mclusky ruled!!!!

    Nowadays, I ride Future of the Lefts jock hard. Can’t get enough.

  4. PeterBjorn&Yawn

    Hadn’t listened to these guys in a week or so. Was feeling pretty mellow. Just got written up for punching a coworker in the face. Day of the Deadringers does it every time. Mclusky come baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

  5. thearcanemodel

    @MayhemintheHood: totally, totally, totally. easily my favorite album of the year (or technically, last year) so far, and i am usually way indecisive about such things. totally takes and improves upon the mclusky template in exciting and invigorating ways.

  6. doctaj

    when you said “MC bands” i was hoping you meant MC 900ft Jesus.

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