Grandpa Ice-T Reaffirms Soulja Boy’s Wackness

Jun 23rd, 2008 // 2 Comments

Ice-T would like to humbly apologize for telling young Soulja Boy to eat a dick. “Truthfully, a brother of my caliber shouldn’t be talking down on a youngster your age.” Wait for it…”But as far as your music goes? It’s garbage.”

Here’s a list of Ice-T’s issues with Soulja Boy.

• Unlike Young Jeezy, TI, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco and Ludacris (“cats that take time to go in the studio, and really write something”), Soulja Boy doesn’t give 110%. “This ain’t no old school new school, this ain’t no east coast west coast drama, you dig?

• That “Superman” bullshit is wack.

• Instead of taking the criticism and respecting his elders, Soulja Boy had the audacity to reply to Ice-T’s mixtape outburst by LOLing at his Wikipedia page and screaming “dude, you old!” “You was supposed to take that!” says Grandpa Ice, since dissing Ice means having Hip-Hop itself on your ass.

And really, that’s why Soulja Boy is pretty smart to keep mocking him. While the Ice-T of Rhyme Pays took pride in his knowledge and would have found “Crank That” embarrassing, he would be bummed to hear his older self is bitching about these young kids with their stupid dance moves and lack of respect for their elders. From his own experience with old-ass fucks, he know there’s no point in trying to upbraid a youngster for his foolish nihilism, especially in hip-hop. We may roll our eyes when Soulja Boy confuses “Cop Killer” with “Fuck The Police” and says that “Wal-Mart wasn’t even made” when Ice-T was born, but gleeful irreverence has always been one of rap’s greatest weapons (i.e. “there’s three of us but we’re not the Beatles”). Ice should just sit back, enjoy his cake, and wait for the four elements of hip-hop culture to exact the same karmic justice on Soulja Boy that they did to Wacky D and Sunshine.

Solja Boy- Ice T APOLOGIZES!! to Solja Boy [YouTube]
Wacky D And Sunshine [YouTube]

  1. Captain Wrong

    Ice got the beef but this ain’t Wendy’s.

  2. Jasonbob7

    I wish Ice-T would take the time to sit down with a pen in the studio and write a concise, meaningful response to Soulja Boy instead of rambling for nearly five minutes.

    BTW. interesting contrast I just noticed: Soulja Boy frames himself with two snickering cronies, Ice T frames himself with two cheezy early-80s chandeliers. Jussayin.

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