Billy Corgan Ready To Cash In On “Gish” All Over Again

Jun 23rd, 2008 // 5 Comments

the_smashing_pumpkins_gish.jpgAccording to a post on the Smashing Pumpkins’ official site, “plans are currently underway that will lead to the eventual release of a pre-Gish/Gish box set.” While I welcome any excuse to replace my scratched-to-hell disc from 17 years ago, I’m guessing that Billy Corgan’s motivations are a little more devious; delving into his back catalogue will probably produce sales results that are, at the very least, better than those achieved by Zeitgeist. (Although if he remakes any of the videos with certain brain-dead heiresses playing the role of James Iha, I am out.) But wait, there’s another way for Corgan to get the money out of his band’s Gish-era fanbase, who presumably on average have higher earning power than they did back in ’91:

What is to be included on here, no one knows for sure but it should be noted that its release is expected to coincide with the Gish tour sometime in 2008…

Yes, Billy and James and… those two new other people… are apparently ready to embrace the new trend of playing old, beloved albums in full in lieu of disappointing new material and embark on a Gish tour! Perhaps Courtney Love can open, since she loooooves “Rhinoceros,” which, to be honest, is never not worth posting:

Ahh, what the hell. More Gish videos! I’m so going to be at this show, I know it. Damn you, Corgan, for hitting my nostalgia sweet spot!

Gish Gish Gish … [Smashing Pumpkins via Fluxtumblr]


  1. Dick Laurent is dead.

    What’s there to add? New album is terrible, Billy has long since lost his fucking marbles, and god help me I WOULD pay ridiculous amounts of money for such a tour.

  2. baconfat

    I’ll believe it only when I see that there are 5 different exclusive versions of this box set available.

  3. King of Pants

    Oh man. Give me the hippie kids with no function over Gorgox the Tremere any day.

  4. Anonymous

    I’d like to know how they’ll release this. They’re not with a label anymore. I’m so there.

    “Yes, Billy and James and… those two new other people… are apparently ready to embrace the new trend of playing old”

    This idiot writer needs to do the research. It’s not James and Billy, it’s Jimmy and Billy. James is off DJing at douchebag hipster bars in NYC. Good riddance.

  5. cheesebubble

    Just sad.

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