Vampire Weekend Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Jun 23rd, 2008 // 11 Comments

Vampire Weekend mania is not over yet, people! The band continues to stoke the flame with a video for “Oxford Comma,” directed by Richard Ayoade of The Mighty Boosh. Precocious adolescents and the proudly collegiate will delight to see Ezra Koenig wander past cinematic references and chapter titles while wearing an all-white suit. The mix of surreality and upper-class affectation makes the video seem like a tribute to both Wes Anderson and late Luis Bunuel. If they don’t lose their sprightliness on album two, maybe they’ll eventually get their own video comp released by The Criterion Collection. [MTV]


  1. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    I am shocked… Nay, SHOCKED, that this band enjoys the work of Wes Anderson.

  2. Bob Loblaw

    There’s nothing inherently cool about endless tracking shots, Ezra’s buddy from Tisch.

  3. loudersoft

    I can’t get behind a band who have borrowed their musical ideas from Tom Petty and Paul Simon while borrowing the remainder of their entire aesthetic from Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan.

    Yes, I will fist fight you over why you’re incredibly stupid for liking them.

  4. janine

    @loudersoft: …and I got your back!

  5. Anonymous

    Now they’re just pandering to their audience of collegiate, know it all preptards.

  6. Poubelle

    I watched the first 15 seconds or so before I got bored. But I did realize I no longer hate them so much, now that I know about Katy Perry.

  7. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @loudersoft: Good call on “Metropolitan.”

    Those title cards are all Anderson, though.

  8. The Illiterate

    And the tracking shot and the revolutionary types are pure Godard. Which explains why it’s kind of boring.

  9. grainy16mm

    Videos so far that very blatantly reference Godard’s “Weekend”: Two.

    Whatever would they have done if their name didn’t contain that word? Why are they ignoring the ‘Vampire’ half? Did they realize that the childish love of Vampires/Ninjas/Robots/Pirates/etc. has been kinda played out, but didn’t expect it to happen so soon before their rise to prominence?

    Also, the visual theft from Anderson is pretty ridiculous as well. That font? Nobody else uses that font these days. Plus the art direction for the album cover/booklet itself seemed like somebody watched Life Aquatic, REALLY REALLY liked it, and thought that’d be super cool to emulate, color-wise. Verbatim.

    //I actually still really like VW, despite all this

  10. Anonymous

    Thank God that someone else sees the pretentious assbanditry of Vampire Weekend in making their video a complete homage to Godard’s “Weekend”, then premiering that video on MTV’s new show FNMTV. The farmland, title cards, cars, guns, single-shot, wide-angle, bohemian hipsters, band in the middle of nowhere, and pretty much everything else is straight out of “Weekend”. But the two members of the band, who appeared on the show opposite host Pete Wentz, didn’t bat an eye when the minor co-hosts offered their praise of Wes Anderson influence in the video. Let’s forget for one second they went to an Ivy League school and remember that the same guy who wrote “Beverly Hills” went to Harvard. These guys could probably write a good fuckin term paper, but looking at them in terms of high-brow references and class, they’re still riding that horrible “how cute are they!?” marketing scheme that’s been around since the SPIN cover and MTV commercials.

    Everyone stop talking about Wes Anderson’s fonts and angles and whatever other fodder you read on Wikipedia or learned from your film major friend. Go watch movies and quit trying to keep up with contemporary references. That comes from actually watching the movies before the reference comes. Anderson’s the man, but you’ll still have to throw him in the pot along with Tarantino for unoriginal directors.

  11. Thatguyhidinginyourbushes

    Agreed. Wes is a genius. Hell, VW’s songs in general remind me of his music, not just this video.

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