Nate Dogg Is Not Having The Best Year

Jun 23rd, 2008 // 1 Comment

First, Nate Dogg had a stroke. Then the always-classy folks at TMZ mocked his ladyfriend for not being upset enough during the 911 call reporting said stroke. Then the Internet thought he was dead. And now? The once-ubiquitous singer has been arrested for making “terrorist threats,” according to TMZ–which somehow restrained itself from making a joke about his medical condition while reporting on why, exactly, he’s headed for the medical ward of a downtown Los Angeles jail.

TMZ has learned hip-hop artist Nate Dogg was arrested around 8:30 AM PT this morning while driving on the 405 in L.A.

Cops tell us a woman who said she was Nate’s estranged wife called into 911 freaking out as she was driving, claiming Nate was making death threats against her and “dangerously” following her as she drove down the road. The CHP stopped them both, and after interviewing both parties, arrested him for making terrorist threats and driving on a suspended license.

The singer, whose real name is Nathaniel Hale, is currently in the process of being booked into the medical ward of the Twin Towers jail in downtown L.A. He suffered a debilitating stroke last December.

Yep, that’s the whole item. There isn’t even a semi-incoherent Erik Estrada joke! And it even uses the word “debilitating”! Is TMZ showing its heart–or even a drive toward trying to save the use of humor for jokes that actually work?

Ex Says Nate Dogg’s A Roadside Terrorist [TMZ via Nah Right]


  1. Anonymous

    Obviously the regulators mounted up and paid a visit to the TMZ offices to straighten those punks out.

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