50 Cent’s Lawyer Claims The Gatman Doesn’t Own Any Firearms

Jun 23rd, 2008 // 2 Comments

50cent.jpgYoung Buck, T.I., Taco Bell–none of these annoyances can compare to ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins for 50 Cent right now. First they fought over child support, then they fought over her living his house. Then the house burnt down. Then she said he did it. Then he sued her for $20 million. Then she got a restraining order. It’s too soon to say whether he’ll get that money (dude, doesn’t she have to take care of your kid on $6,000 a month?), but she’s already got that restraining order, with the presiding judge also ordering that 50 Cent turn over all guns that are in his possession. And how many guns does the author of “Gunrunner,” “Gunz Come Out,” “Gatman And Robbin,” ‘Fully Loaded Clip” and “My Gun Go Off” own? According to his lawyers, not one.

Mr Jackson’s lawyer, Brett Kimmel, said he would contest the order. “To my knowledge, he has no guns,” he said.

Wnat he has, Young Buck to the contrary, is a heart.

“He’s the reason I’m successful,” Fif said of his son Marquise. “My son is my motivation. He’s the reason why I changed directions.”

“It’s crazy, I go through so much with his moms,” he continued. “We’re not friends anymore. It’s a huge adjustment when you have a person who has a sense of entitlement because she was around during that time period when I didn’t have much. She feels like she should be entitled to the world.”

Wait, so not only does he not own guns, but $25,000 a month is “the world” to him? This isn’t the 50 Cent we fell in love with.

U.S. Judge Issues 50 Cent Gun Ban [BBC]
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  1. silkyjumbo

    of course he doesn’t have a gun. what do you think the g-unit is for?

  2. Anonymous

    Seeing the cover of “Guess Who’s Back” makes me nostalgic for when Fitty actually spit some vicious shit.

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