Jason Falkner Can Sing You To Sleep

Jun 24th, 2008 // 5 Comments

jasonfalkner.jpgI know that there is more than one Idolator reader who’s been searching for power-pop perfectionist Jason Falkner (formerly of Jellyfish, The Grays, and other artists’ liner notes), and I’m happy to report that not only is there new music from him out now, said music is designed to be brought into your dreams. antiMUSIC tipped me off to the just-released Bedtime With The Beatles 2, a collection of Fab Four songs–including Penny Lane,” “Norwegian Wood,” and, oddly, “Here Comes The Sun”– that have been arranged as lullabyes. Paul McCartney is quoted as saying that Falkner’s collection “put him to sleep,” which I guess is a compliment? After the jump, a Falkner performance of a track that could probably never be turned into a bedtime song:

Mutt Lange would be proud.

Jason Falkner [MySpace]
Bedtime With The Beatles 2 [antiMUSIC]
Jason Falkner – Photograph [YouTube]


  1. Jerkwheat

    ahhh, days of yore

    I’m reminded of being 20 and having my boss play Can You Still Feel? all the time in the store…

  2. silkyjumbo

    @pr0FF3ss0r_j3rkwh3at: in my case, it was being 25 and my boss playing author unknown all the time in the store…

  3. katesilver

    …19 and playing “The Plan” all the time on college radio.

  4. thearcanemodel

    good hustle with the update!

    and such synergy with the def leppard post!

  5. Anonymous

    Boo…he’s singing “Photograph” in the lower register. Pussy.

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