The Ice-T/Soulja Boy Feud Gets Animated

Jun 24th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Ice-T may be slowly backing away from his fight with YouTube’s top rapper/shoe mogul/dance-craze originator, but that’s not stopping Soulja Boy, who apparently has a lot of time and bandwidth, from releasing yet another clip going off on his elder and any other “50-year-old” types out there. And this time, it’s a cartoon! Really, if you want to get to the only part of the video that sort of goes beyond “LOLd” jokes, just fast-forward to around 4:10 and watch as Soulja Boy uses some video-editing trickery to come up with a new dance, the–wait for it–”Crank That Ice-T.” I predict that 10,000 tributes to Ice-T’s breakdancing style will be online by sundown. [YouTube]

  1. loudersoft

    Is it wrong that I laughed pretty much all the way through this video?

  2. SpeedingUptoStop

    best rivalry ever.

  3. KikoJones

    What a great idea…but such lame–and loooooooong ass–execution. Zzzzzzzzzzzz… Nice try, Soulja Boy; but the old man’s got this one.

  4. alec_baldwin

    Truly sublime

  5. Anonymous

    …and now, the bloodshed begins.

    Oh, and Soulja (any relation to Sista Souljah?) do us all a favor… quit using Garageband loops for your shithouse music..

    That’s what really sucks.

  6. Julio Allison

    I think, out of all this, it was Kanye West that somehow managed to embarrass himself the most — first just for chiming in (nobody asked), and then for actually — actually — comparing Soulja Boy to Nas. In print, no less.

    Is you out ya fuckin’ mind, man? Cot damn.

  7. Anonymous

    I think this is from Broken Equipment, the people that made the Dipset Movie videos and “Make Up Sex” with Wayne and Baby. They’re all over Youtube.

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