Shwayze Likes Pina Coladas, Getting Caught In The Rain

Jun 24th, 2008 // 8 Comments


A conversation with a friend about this cover:

mauraatidolator: your opinion of this cover, please
everybodysacritic: pretty close to perfect
everybodysacritic: the fact that they had to improve on the sunset is great
mauraatidolator: so many ’70s-inspired covers
everybodysacritic: this is new?
everybodysacritic: oof
mauraatidolator: oh yeah
mauraatidolator: hahaha
mauraatidolator: it comes out in august!

I was torn on giving this an “Art?” tag, but this conversation–and the way it turned on a dime when I revealed the album’s actual release date–sealed the deal. (Although I have to admit that the old-album aging of the cover is a nice touch, albeit one that’ll probably be kinda lost in the CD-booklet context. Maybe it’s getting a vinyl release?)

Shwayze: Shwayze Album Cover Art [ProHipHop]


  1. walkmasterflex

    i mean, their band name is shwayze, what could we really expect?

  2. Al Shipley

    My only consolation when Tyga won the summer jam poll last week is that it could’ve been Schwayze.

  3. Rob Murphy

    May I go off on a tangent here, since you brought it up?

    Doesn’t the storyline and the resolution in the Pina Colada song (Rupert Holmes, “Escape”) bother you guys, or maybe leave you hanging? Or maybe just…dirty, in some way?


    * He is “tired” of Her, they’ve been together “too long”, their relationship is “worn out” like an old record
    * He decides, why not just peruse the personal ads? That won’t get Him into any trouble now, will it???
    * He wasn’t even thinking about Her, because has He mentioned yet how FREAKIN’ DULL their relationship had become???
    * Even though Her ad said “write TO ME”, He, being a moron, decides to place HIS OWN FREAKIN’ AD, which isn’t even original, and completely rips off Her ad
    * “A secret rendezvous! O’Malley’s! They have great freakin’ pina coladas!!! Oh, BTW, do you have any problems with getting sauced before noon??? Because I sure don’t! Yessirree, that’s how great a catch *I* am!”
    * He waits with “high hopes” of finding someone — ANYONE — more exciting than his soul-draining, always-sleeping-when-he-wants-to-be-sexing “old lady”. Here she is now…
    * “ZOMG! It’s my OLD FREAKIN’ LADY!!! Awwwwwwk-waaaaaaaard!!! Quick — chuckle, and try to hide the nervousness of your laughter.”
    * “Wow, *sweetie*, we’ve been together all this time and I never knew you liked pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain [yadda yadda yadda]…”

    But here’s the part of the story the song doesn’t tell you…

    * “…And how come *WE’VE never made love at midnite, in the dunes of a cape, eh???”
    * “Well what about you, ya boring old fart? Or should I say, LUSH! Pina Coladas AND champagne???”
    * Most. Awkward. Car. Ride. Home. EVER!
    * Divorce/Palimony lawyers were called on Monday

    Okay, back to our usual snark…

    Ooh! Pretty album cover!!!

  4. righteousmaelstrom

    @Rob Murphy: Hahaha! Brilliant!

  5. loudersoft

    “Escape” is the only song to reach number 1 in two different decades — it went to #1 in December of 1979, fell to #2, then went back to #1 in January of 1980. After such a sterling success, Rupert Holmes needed, more than anything, to write a Broadway musical which, he did — The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

    It should also be mentioned that he produced an album for the band Sparks in 1976 that flopped miserably and wrote the song “You Got It All” performed by The Jets and Britney Spears.

    It’s the yachtiest Yacht Rock song of all time.

  6. Lucas Jensen

    I love this.

  7. walkmasterflex

    @Rob Murphy: Man I don’t even care that it’s only tangentially related this is fantastic.

  8. janine

    @Al Shipley: They sound like LFO! Sweet lord!

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