Anybody Know If Soulja Boy Stayed In To Watch TV Last Night?

Jun 25th, 2008 // 4 Comments

So here’s a little conspiracy theory for you: What if Ice-T started that whole verbal slapfight with Soulja Boy last week because he wanted to put the word out there that he was ready to feud with anyone …. including Joan Rivers, who led the family opposing his clan on last night’s Celebrity Family Feud? Of course, Ice kept it real by working blue on the first question, but you do have to admit that “name something that’s slippery and hard to hold on to” is something of a Match Game-sized opening for that sort of thing. [RedLasso]

  1. Goodness please, you are way off on this blog! I think good music comes from so many other sources like daYoungfellaz get their inspiration from living in nyc. Not everyone is the same.

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