“Times” Writer Not So Sure Chris Martin’s “Fix You” Flub Was Real

Jun 25th, 2008 // 11 Comments

AP080623021542.jpgFollowing a bumbled line during Coldplay’s climactic performance of “Fix You” at their free Madison Square Garden show on Monday, Chris Martin improvised a couplet to acknowledge his occasional lapse in memory: “Lyrics to old songs that you don’t know/And you embarrass yourself at MSG/But it doesn’t matter one bit, everyone got in for free.” At least one reviewer, The New York Times‘ Jon Caramanica, isn’t sure it was done on the fly. “On first blush it was a clever save. But you couldn’t avoid the creeping sensation that even this seemingly spontaneous trick was little more than a neatly executed, contrived stab at humility in a show measured to the last second.” Did Chris Martin actually plan his screw-up? Say it ain’t so, Chris! Check out video of the performance and decide for yourself.

His initial stumble happens a little before the one-minute mark, with the new lines coming at 1:40, to the delight of those actually paying attention.

Martin’s delivery doesn’t sound particularly poised, and the song is slow enough that he could plausibly have come up with that bit of self-mockery. If I’m going to be offended by anything in this performance, it’s his prancing, which starts at 2:35 and can also be seen at the beginning of this clip.

Now that’s inexcusable.

Coldplay Changes, and Stays The Same [NYT]
Fix You (live @ MSG 6.23.08) [YouTube]
Coldplay MSG Free Concert. June 23. Fix you. FRONT ROW! [YouTube]

  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    By no means am I a Coldplay fan, but seriously, people need to lay off the haterade for a while.

    Look at the way they dress. At the very least they’re sort of whimsical.

  2. drjimmy11

    Such is the modern rock concert. It’s more Broadway show than anything at this point. Any deviation from the script is headline news and probably fake anyway.

    Oh and don’t forget the encore, where the band spontaneously decides to come back and play the same three songs they played at the encore last night, timed to end 2 or 3 minutes short of the venue’s curfew.

  3. Kate Richardson

    Nah that seems legit; I make that same mistake when I’m singing it in my car all the time. And I’ll take this as an opportunity to make two confessions: 1) I think Christ Martin is really cute, and 2) “Fix You” is my favorite Coldplay song.

  4. Kate Richardson

    WHOA I just accidentally called Chris Martin Christ! I don’t even want to know what that says about me.

  5. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @drjimmy11: Oh and don’t forget the encore, where the band spontaneously decides to come back and play the same three songs they played at the encore last night, timed to end 2 or 3 minutes short of the venue’s curfew.

    I always find this funny. “Thanks [insert band name] for coming back and playing a couple of more songs. I’m sure glad they kept the house lights off.” Is there ever actually a genuine encore anymore? Or even better, is a show ever so crappy that people just leave before the scripted encore, because that would be awesome.

  6. Nunya B

    @Kate Richardson: He has a certain bug-eyed appeal. Not gonna lie.

    But the clip of him prancing reminds me of the Pedobear gif.

  7. Anonymous

    That times piece overall was quite hard on Cold Play, describing the show as boring. If you’ve ever had the nonpleasure of seeing this band live, you’d agree.

  8. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @Commonloon: Really? I saw them at Coachella a few years ago and thought they were pretty good. I wasn’t really much of a Coldplay fan before that, but they won me over with that performance. I wasn’t the only one, as I was hanging out with people specifically at the concert to see Bauhaus who said they were “surprised how much Coldplay rocked.”

  9. Al Shipley

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: I’ve seen a few seemingly genuine, spontaneous encores, but not many. Last week Firewater came back for a 2nd encore, after leaving clearly having planned only to do one, but after people kept clapping for several minutes they stumbled back out for one more song. And a couple times I’ve seen openers or small local bands get called back for an encore when they probably wouldn’t have if not for audience demand. But yeah, exceptions that prove the rule.

  10. Anonymous

    Check it out at about 2:25. Try again, Chris!!!

  11. Anonymous


    Damn, I don’t post enough to embed shit!

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