Toby Keith’s “Beer For My Horses” Movie Is Ready To Roll

Jun 25th, 2008 // 1 Comment

Yes, Beer For My Horses, the country caper based on Toby Keith’s legendary ode to lynching (starring Keith, Willie Nelson, Ted Nugent, and Claire Forlani), has a trailer out and will be hitting theaters this August. As shown above, Ted Nugent will be playing a crazed gun enthusiast named Skunk, and judging by Keith’s fond recollection of an on-set rabbit slaughter, it looks like the Nuge is a practitioner of the Method.

“Ted has just shot a guy with a bow and arrow,” explained Keith. “And he’s leaving the set to go back to his trailer, and all of Hollywood is standing around and a cotton tail jumps up–rabbit–and crosses the set. POW! And he guts him a rabbit right in front of everybody.”

For those not familiar with Ted’s thespian career, here’s a classic clip from the Miami Vice that launched it.

The Motor City Madman can also be seen playing a “Hot Seat Band Member” in Nightmare On Elm Street 5, a “Rock Star” in Tape Heads, and… well, that’s it so far, but I’m sure he’ll get plenty of work once Beer For My Horses is released.

Beer For My Horses Trailer [YouTube]
Ted Shoots Rabbit On Movie Set [Music Radar]
Don’t Fuck With Ted [YouTube]


  1. drjimmy11

    wtf Willy Nelson? “Moron Country” != “Outlaw Country.”

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