Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland To Sell Albini-Minded Cover Album Online

Jun 25th, 2008 // 5 Comments

blb.jpgAh, Wes Borland. When you’re playing with Limp Bizkit, everyone talks about how you’re actually a good guitar player who listens to Portishead and Ween. But when you start your own band, nobody ever gives a shit. Ironically, the upcoming covers album from your Black Light Burns–which promises tributes to Fiona Apple, your old band Big Dumb Face, Swans, Lard, PJ Harvey, and Jesus Lizard-will probably bring you more attention than anything you’ve done before, especially once people hear the tracks. Judging by the covers of “So Alive” and “Lucretia My Reflection” on your MySpace page, it might actually be kind of cool. And thanks to your innovative pricing tiers, people may be more apt to check it out! The MP3s? Only five bucks. And if you only want his instrumentals? Free, homeslice.

Here’s the tracklisting:
1. Forkboy (Lard cover)
2. So Alive (Love and Rockets cover)
3. Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran cover)
4. Lucretia My Reflection (Sisters of Mercy cover)
5. Rid of Me (PJ Harvey cover)
6. The Art of Self Defense (Jesus Lizard cover)
7. On the Bound (Fiona Apple cover)
8. I Am the Sun (Swans cover)
9. Blood Red Head on Fire (Big Dumb Face cover)
10. Search and Destroy (Iggy & The Stooges cover)
11. Drowning Together, Dying Alone (previously unreleased instrumental)
12. Giving In Again (previously unreleased instrumental)
13. Failing (previously unreleased instrumental)
14. Mesopotamia (Assyrian Mix)
15. Lie (Seth Vogt Club Mix)

And here are the different ways you can get it!

• Instrumentals (seven tracks) with booklet

• Entire Cover Your Heart album with booklet

• Entire Cover Your Heart album with booklet
• Entire The Anvil Pants Odyssey DVD (containing videos, a documentary, live footage, and other Wes Borland ephemera)
• T-shirt and Sticker

• Entire Cover Your Heart album with booklet
• Entire The Anvil Pants Odyssey DVD
• Entire Cruel Melody CD (Black Light Burns’ first album)
• Limited edition and number hard cover
• Autographed book containing 30 Wes Borland art prints (est. size: 10.5″ x 13.75″)

I like the idea that someone who’s willing to put down $100 for this magical collection of covers and live performances hasn’t gotten around to buying the band’s first album. Maybe Black Light Burns would sell even more if they said that every purchase went toward keeping Wes from having to accept Fred’s annual plea for him to return to Limp Bizkit.

Limp Solo Release [antiMUSIC]
Black Light Burns [MySpace]

  1. Anonymous

    I always thought Wes Borland was the reason Limp Bizkit sucked donkey parts, and Fred Durst was the overshadowed musical genius. Where’s the solo album Dursty?

  2. Anonymous

    Not going to lie.

    That track listing is nothing short of fantastic and incredibly diverse.

    That being said though, it’s all about execution. The cover of Lucretia was (pardon the pun) limp. It was reminiscent of that awful cover Love Spit Love did of How Soon is Now? for The Craft soundtrack. Sorry, but he just lacked the power that Uncle Andy had behind the vocals. On the other end of the spectrum the So Alive cover (which could have used a bit more subtlety) was a distorted mess, but I can see thousands of testosterone infused 15 year old dragon ball Z lovers thinking it’s the bomb.

    It’s awesome that he put himself out on the line like that and really wore his influences on his sleeve, (though dude could have stood for a bit more Skinny Puppy in the mix) but this was a case of trying too hard and ending up with a collection of overshoots and misfires.

  3. revmatty

    The $25 set doesn’t sound like such a bad deal for all you get. I paid WAY more than that for a limited edition Queensryche EMPIRE box set back in the day, and it didn’t even have a DVD.

  4. OingoBobo

    This gives me a 90′s-style hard-on… query: I Am The Sun by Swans or God Damn The Sun? This album might be some fun.

  5. Anonymous

    Sweet – sign me up for the $100 Physical Deluxe Edition! It’s worth $100 now …and Zero as soon as they cash much check.

    However, if I caught a time machine back to 1999, I could prolly get like $150 for it on eBay…

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