“Today” Can’t Remember What Jay-Z Looks Like

Jun 26th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Anyone wondering why Today would bother to ask “what is Rolling Stone‘s fascination with Barack Obama?” discovers just how unfamiliar NBC News must be with the gritty street culture promoted by the magazine when a picture of rapper Joe “Pump It Up” Budden appears at 1:20, alongside a mention of former Def Jam CEO and 60 Minutes subject Jay-Z. Ironic, as you’d think it’d be much harder to find a photo of Joe Budden. The narrator seems to finds the tastes and opinions of this Obama fellow (he likes rap… but doesn’t like the naughty lyrics!) perplexing throughout the piece, so maybe we should just be glad they didn’t show John Legend when describing Obama’s love for Steve Wonder. [TVNewservia Nah Right]

  1. Al Shipley

    They’ve already fixed the error, incidentally using the same pic that’s in half of the Idolator posts about Jay-Z.

  2. Anthony Miccio

    @Al Shipley: lol, they didn’t even bother to put a Today or NBC logo in front of the Jay-Z pic. Kinda wish they’d just photoshopped his head onto Budden.

  3. jasonelias

    Well they could put that powder keg John McCain on the cover but they actually want to sell magazines.

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