Is Conde Nast Looking To Enter The Music-Magazine Business?

Jun 27th, 2008 // 1 Comment

Watch as Charlie Rose casually drops Vanity Fair bigwig Graydon Carter and Rolling Stone honcho Jann Wenner, “What’s this story that, uh… Conde Nast wants to buy Rolling Stone?” into a conversation about Hunter S. Thompson. If only Carter had been drinking from his complimentary glass of water at that moment–we would have seen the greatest spit-take ever. Instead, we just see him looking really surprised and angry, and mentally taking Rose off any reservation lists at the Waverly Inn. I suspect that this 30-second clip cut by Gawker (and noticed by Folio) will quickly become the Zapruder film of media machinations on this slow Friday, so, y’know, have at it. (And send any tips to the the normal address, of course.) [Folio via Gawker]

  1. Anonymous

    Great — Now Rolling Stone will be 300 pages long with enough perfume samples to send you into Anaphylactic shock.

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