Amy Winehouse’s Fist Says “No, No, No” To Grabby Glastonbury Attendee

Jun 29th, 2008 // 1 Comment

Amy Winehouse apparently made it through her set at Glastonbury last night standing, with highlights including her covering “A Message To You Rudy,” finally spitting out that gum that she’s always chewing during her performances, and calling Kanye West a “cunt” in the middle of one song. (Kanye, naturally, responded right away on his blog, saying that being hated by “Whinehouse” was a sign that he’d really made it and appending a LOL.) But at the end of her set was when things really got real; she jumped offstage and sang while teetering around in front of the crowd, and one fan was so excited by this that he allegedly went in for a quick grope of either her breast or her beehive. Winehouse “thanked” this person with a quick punch (at the :45 mark of the above video), although the BBC is reporting that said concertgoer hasn’t pressed charges yet. Well, it takes time to get to the police station from the front row!

Meanwhile, the Times Of London says that “music critics” are claiming that Amy was in top form throughout the set, and Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis is already claiming that she could be next year’s headliner. But the YouTube clips I’ve spot-checked would seem to be at odds with that assessment. See for yourself:

Amy Winehouse – Rehab – Live At Glastonbury 2008 [YouTube]
Amy Winehouse performs at Glastonbury 2008 [YouTube]
Amy Winehouse appears to punch a fan at Glastonbury Festival [Times Online]

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t believe she gets paid to do this. I’m also really glad I saw her perform pre-meltdown. She was spectacular.

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