Grace Jones Returns With First Album In 20 Years, Inspires World

Jun 30th, 2008 // 3 Comments

AP061101031591.jpgMan, those guys over at England’s Wall Of Sound are stoked about putting out Hurricane, Grace Jones’ first studio album since 1989′s Bulletproof Heart. Says label managing director Mark Jones, “No one has inspired more people whatever race, sex, color, or creed to be who they want to be and so much more.” Yes. When I think we think of inspirational figures in world history, it’s hard to top a model who recorded a bunch of disco albums, got addicted to coke and starred in Boomerang. Did Martin Luther King hang out with Andy Warhol at Studio 54? No, he was dead. Did Eleanor Roosevelt play a Bond villainess? No, she was dead. So, at the very least, Grace wins by default. Maybe he opened with that doozy so he could slip this one by: “Her new album will not only re-establish her as one of the world’s most important artists but also introduce her to a new generation of music lovers.”


Ok, I’ll admit that I’m not particularly familiar with the recorded work of Grace Jones (what little I’ve heard of her famous covers hasn’t inspired rapt fascination), so please, feel free to make Mr. Jones’ argument for the unprecedented inspirational qualities of Nokinja from Beastmaster: The TV Series.

‘Hurricane’ Jones Blows Through This October []
Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm [YouTube]
Beastmaster – The Umpatra [YouTube]

  1. BobbyMoon

    Yes, god has answered my prayers!

  2. Anonymous

    My question is did Mark Jones tap Amy Winehouse’s spine and drink the fluid before he wrote that?


  3. Anonymous

    Damn that new song of hers is FINE! I’ve only been waiting for it to come out for the past 10 years:

    Nobody can come close to Grace. Seriously.

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